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360 degrees beam angle led tube light become a best alternative of low power light emitting or incandescent
led tubes lighting fluorescent replacement abstract: Today the market of led corn light bulb and frosted led bulb light lamps etc all belong to 360-degree beam angle of light, but compared with these led lamps, 360 LED tube lights lamps have softer and more uniform illumination.These advantages are beyond comparison.
As the fourth generation light source, TCOB LED either on or in the application of energy-saving lighting effects have energy saving lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and other traditional lighting fixtures incomparable advantages. Therefore, LED to replace the traditional lighting is becoming a hot and popular trend.
Compared with the full beam angle of tungsten, energy saving lamps, incandescent lamps and other traditional lighting of the light, only the light emitting point of the LED light source, its light angle limits, not only can not meet the needs of indoor lighting, but also affect people’s physical and psychological state. How to overcome this deficiency TCOB LED light source become an important direction for many people in the industry,therefore, the concept of LED 360 degree full beam angle thus comes into germination.
360 degree full beam angle with the light emitting products with the traditional lighting products are sought after in the industry convergence. In fact, several years ago “LED 360 degree beam” This business concept has been put on the agenda. Up to now, the major well-known lighting show, 360 degree full beam angle LED lamps as the highlight of the show has been highlighted by entrepreneur businesses.
360 LED stands for “360 degree beam emitting LED space”, who can issue a uniform “spherical light” LED element to the surrounding space, it can be called “360 degree LED.” Compared with ordinary LED, 360 of the light emitted from the LED, is composed of numerous beams continuous, uniform, soft light is emitted into space in all directions, has a spherical light effects with traditional light bulb identical.
On the other hand, the market is now the corn based LED bulb type LED light bulbs and frosted lamps also belong to 360 degree angle of light, but compared with these lamps, 360 LED lamps light softer, more uniform illumination, these the advantage is more than two products can not match. Probably the majority of lighting led tubes companies took a fancy to this opportunity, which have R & D 360 LED lamps.
According to Reporters survey found that 360 now illuminated by the LED lamps made out of most of the filament. The 360 ??largest emitting lamp production applications category is LED bulb, candle lights and a small part of the LED lamp.
On LED lamp, since the LED light source emitting directivity characteristics of the light-emitting angle straight tube LED lights are generally only about 120 degrees, so in the side and rear of a certain dark areas, will affect the overall lighting effects to a certain extent and environmental aesthetics.
Therefore, many enterprises in order to achieve a more uniform and completely replace the energy-saving lamp effect, R & D focus on the expansion of the light-emitting point of view, there are already companies said light angle which the straight tube LED lights can do 360 degrees whole point of light.
As for the LED bulb and candle lights, Park Kun, director of overseas sales lion has revealed 360 bulb mainly to replace traditional light bulb concept to design, brightness and angle more comforting.
It is understood that 360 degree lighting industry to do good business there IMC optoelectronics, Lei source, the universe optoelectronics, Bodhisattva Shengyuan, Bo lion photoelectric.
In the R & D level, the full 360 degrees of light emitting lamps sought by manufacturers, and the retail market this product in the end influence also not be underestimated.
Recently, the reporter visited the Shenzhen major lighting stores found 360 luminescent lamps have begun to set up shop, this feeling when reporters investigation Huaqiang North LED trading center is particularly evident. The entire store, accounting for 360 degree beam bulb and candle lights up, especially candle lights, 360 light-emitting candles account for at least about 20% of the entire store LED candle lamp.
From the overall number of view, this is not a big proportion. But to know that in October last year when the reporter visited the store, but also hard to see almost 360 light-emitting products. Thus comparison, this growth rate is very fast.
“From this year to promote Europe ‘ban white’ policy, the appropriate traditional incandescent lighting can not re-enter the market, but now there are still some traditional incandescent lamp with a soft spot for consumers, 360 degree beam bulb and other products production is based on this. “General Manager of Shenzhen Rong Wanjia lighting Engineering Ruan Qinghai to” express LED lighting channel “reporter.
It is understood that the light emitting bulb 360 is based on the basis of an incandescent lamp produced. While this product looks very “tall on,” but in fact this column use LED filament design produced by the LED light bulb technology is not difficult. It is understood that a large point of light fixtures production mainly through the expansion of the light-emitting chips sink to the whole angle, and a translucent tube through which the material of two ways.
In candle lamps, for example, two columns in series LED filament 360 can be designed to emit light 1.8W candle lights, LED brightness can be equivalent to 8-10W incandescent.
Although the 360 ??degree beam bulb is the best alternative to incandescent lamps, while Ruan Qinghai but cautioned: “As the 360-degree product restricted technology, general wattage can not do too much, or else the heat reach, product life will be affected. “
As Ruan Qinghai said, the reporter through the investigation found that the current market, 360 degree beam bulb generally not more than 3W.
“Now you want to do a 360-degree light emission is not difficult with a transparent substrate can be done, but the lamp cavity filled cooling gas, so the premise must be sufficiently small lamp power, if it is a 1W lamp by aging Found, heat is no problem, but once the power is too large, will definitely affect the lamp life. “lighting engineer Xu told reporters.
Thus, at present, only 360 light-emitting lamps are low-wattage incandescent replacement lamps.
Now, we also are continuing developing the research and creation in led tube light 360 degree beam angle tubes, which can be widely apllied in both at home and abroad,and can completely repalace the existing led tube lights and this will be possibly push our company and tcob led technology to be an creative international led light business.

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