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T5 energy saving lamp principle

T5 three-color energy-saving lamp is developed in recent years, initially introduced by Philips in 2003, because of its high luminous efficiency, long life, the advantages of saving, quickly accepted by the market. But because the price was too high, a need for more than 80-100 yuan, so limiting its use and awareness in the public context. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have the technical ability to start manufacturing, the price down, and naturally began to be widely used. T5 energy-saving lamp is the most suitable alternative to ordinary T8 fluorescent lamp, and with the inevitable rise in national electricity prices, T5 energy-saving lamps instead of T8 fluorescent lamps are the major trends.

t5 led tubelight
T5 energy-saving lamp lamp diameter is 16mm, which is 5 * 1 8 inches, while the general T8 fluorescent tube of the outer to 25.4mm, larger than the T5.

T5 energy-saving lamps used within the coating material pure tricolor rare earth powder, the price is the ordinary fluorescent lamp used phosphoric acid halogen powder more than 10 times. So the true pure tricolor T5 energy-saving lamp prices than ordinary T8 fluorescent lamp is high. As the T5 is the use of highly efficient pure tricolor rare earth powder, the light-emitting temperature of only 1,000 degrees, than ordinary fluorescent light-emitting temperature of 2700 degrees is much lower, so the evaporation of the natural filament lamp is much slower than ordinary, so Its life will be much longer. Pure tricolor rare earth powder light effect is much higher than the ordinary halogen powder, which as long as the consumption of very little power to achieve brightness requirements, so T5 energy saving lamps can save power. This is the principle of T5 work lights.

Therefore, we must pay attention to when buying, not only the price is cheap. Manufacturers must be profitable, the price is too cheap, the material must not be pure tricolor rare earth powder. This low-quality lamps generally will be used after a few months at both ends of black, brightness significantly darker, less than the purpose of energy conservation. Now Zhongshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, there are many unmarked small factories and vendors, a T5 28W price is less than 20 yuan, because of this poor product life is short, in fact, can not save electricity, and will make people T5 energy-saving lamps Resulting in misunderstanding, the promotion of energy-saving lamps is very negative.

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