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LED tubes t5 t8 lighting tubes t5 t8 lamps industry price” tear force “war to continue for how long?
Led tubes t5 t8 lights lamps fluorescent bulbs Introduction: Currently, for most consumers, LED tubes t5 t8 lighting products are just ordinary consumer goods, the price is still an important reference factor. T8 battle of the war, still wantonly spread, the price of LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry continued to tear force Wars for how long?
This summer, Beijing a little hot, just after the beginning of autumn, but also saw a continuation of the high temperature a few days. Xiao Bian also occasionally be sun baked hot “iron on” walk heat really powerful, also hiding in the air-conditioned room and micro-channel group Friends regaling LED tubes t5 t8 lighting that something. Price war tear force Scorching sun, but also to make LED tubes t5 cob tcob mcob t8 lighting bosses a bit restless. T8 battle of the war, still wantonly spread. Flames, Linsen lighting, Op lighting, Foshan Lighting and other brands have also involved in the battle. Billowing smoke, and made the whole LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry filled with tense atmosphere. Way back when, a 1.2 m mcob tcob cob LED T8 tubes have also had one or two hundred times, been called a typical “tall” decorative products, not ordinary people can afford to consume. But now, this battle was abruptly T8, cold, bloody return home to its price below 10 yuan! It is understood, Foshan Lighting Classic Series 15 watts, 1500 lumens LED T8 pure glass lamp promotional price adjusted to 9.98 yuan / support; Op lighting LED T8 glass raised to 9.90 yuan each; Sen lighting LED T8 Tube Price hit the lowest 8.8 yuan / support, Huaqiang state T8 tube Chu Huojia prepared at 6.8 yuan / support. In this competition point with T8 lamps price war tear force, the LED T8 tube price $ 10 category medal competition, margins and costs directly touch the bottom line of major companies lamp products. Wayward companies participate in price wars to come up with a single product, directly undercutting margin, gross profit or cut off! He had asked well-known lighting brands, the LED lamp 10 yuan can do it to make money, why do it? Manufacturer answer is: “do not make money, and how much to sell much to lose, but you must do it!” Faced with the seemingly sudden “price war”, large enterprises volunteered war, want nothing more than a price war with intent to rapidly expanding market, seeking to monopolize the market; enterprise short period of passive war, seek to protect existing market, products are single items limited. Either in the form of war, it is Kill a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred practices. The bottom line mass torture How, LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry continued price war tear force for how long? Can there still a trace of the bottom line? After all lines in the LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry in price war seems to have not seen the bottom line. Since recently it was a bold prediction, 1.2 m LED fluorescent tube can not do 2.8 yuan / support? For this prediction reporters not surprised, because as long as the price war occurred in China, in order to maintain their market share and further strengthen its market position, Chinese companies what prices are likely to “throw.” Guangzhou Sheng Liang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., chairman assistant Chenbing Quan said, “though they do not support low-cost technical solutions can not achieve this price target, but we can begin to imagine what in this price ‘is no minimum, only lower’ technically ‘ under no best, only better ‘environment, all LED application-related technical progress or development, are for the low price to win market realities, and this price can do to ensure quality in use, it must be crazy, not people mad, but sell crazy! ” Chenbing Quan believes that “a return to the status quo, cob LED fluorescent tubes from various related accessories, production costs and other factors make bold ideas, no matter what the material, shell paper tube, the chip is also OK with the paper, what the power source, so long as meet the installation specifications, with compliance and the most important basic functions, regardless of years of free warranty commitments, as long as light can be achieved? ” “This is impossible, do not even think! Think this thing is crazy to think things, but the reality is there is a reasonable, if someone say, even if you think he was crazy, there are people that will think, after all, true to his thought and implemented, and that is monopolized thing, that is, to the point that we forget about LED things. “Chenbing Quan said. For the current status of chaotic LED, it is a good thing is a bad thing, JingXiao undercut each other in the short term at the expense of quality, but in the long term, competition to win the manufacturers will find a way to clean up the mess, to heal another round grappling market ” flawed. ” In this seemingly rolling-style “price war”, the reporter just want to turn on or participate in a price war price war “madman” who can hold the quality of the bottom line. And “LED +” On the sea “Price war” hustle sweltering increasingly strained as the government put forward the “Internet +” concept, “LED +” complied with the times, has become a hot topic in the LED business. LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry coincides with the life and death competition bureau, bureau within tight, lively outsider, the advent of “LED +” era of industrial development constraints can get rid of? “In recent years industry accumulated a lot of money, released” LED + “concept might be able to birth to new things. Or, LED + idea for impetuous LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry to bring a little life ……” an industry source said. However, when thrown “? LED + era, the current LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry is in the Red Sea Blue Ocean OR” The problem, the big lighting Wang Xiaofeng bluntly said: “Absolutely Red Sea, the kind of blood-red!” In fact, the current number of LED enterprises “Blue Ocean” yearning, also led to the industry, “Red Sea” was born. Wang Xiaofeng outspoken, in fact, a lot of people have a clear mind, but do not want to face, after all, to join the LED industry, “veterans.” Foshan Lighting business according to Channel Director Chen Wenji, he said: “As long as the definition of ‘sea’, if you have to jump off, no matter what the sea, quickly swim it!” Are not rough rough handling to speak, perhaps this is the cause of many to join the LED tubes t5 t8 lighting after common experience. “Blindly unable to extricate themselves entangled in the low level of competition is the ‘Red Sea’, focusing on the development of the industry itself extensibility is the ‘Blue Ocean’.” A business person says. Blue Ocean Dream wants LED require technical support, such as LED + lighting plants, photosynthesis solve not only technical, as well as technical nutrients, not just engineers, excellent light distribution, as well as the participation of experts from the agricultural cooperative capacity needs. In fact, blue and red, red and black to see how to understand and treat! It is seen as a positive opportunity, negative on the road before dark. If that blue ocean market, technology-based manufacturers will be dominant, but no dominant leading technology sales associated with, many will become narcissistic. China has a characteristic, that is, the process of selling technical explanation, your product has been reduced to coveted products, others are doing everything possible to find ways to counterfeiting, which is part of the Chinese LED enterprises evil. Red Sea in efforts to find blue ocean market. Blue ocean market potential is the need for the early efforts to expand business, you need to spend a lot of time, capital and energy market is not standardized, blue ocean just a dream. Blue Ocean will become mature Red Sea competition, the key is to how the blue ocean market to raise the threshold to avoid chaos entrants spoiler. Chinese people are ready to eat, the first one to eat crab always felt a little taken advantage of. But if the first person to eat crab technology can be extreme, so that the industry can not counterfeit, it is possible to reap the blue ocean market. By rewarding road to dream Whether LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry is Blue Ocean Ye Hao, worth mentioning the Red Sea, to join the LED tubes t5 t8 lighting business always a little to look forward to, we want to make a point score. As this year’s lighting giant collective absence Guangzhou Lighting Fair, in addition to its decisions on the company’s market, the most obvious reason may be reluctant to become a “spy” sites “fish.” Why is China LED tubes t5 t8 lighting companies can quickly mushroomed rise, a big reason is that many companies are good at drawing and counterfeit products and other home ideas, so now LED tubes t5 t8 lighting product homogeneity increasingly competitive market. Why China’s LED tubes t5 t8 lighting industry can make an otherwise high-tech industry low threshold, excess capacity, low-cost low-quality competition, quality made market confusion worrying …… “Chinese people but the lack of intelligent innovation, has always been looking for from others creativity and ideas, there will always be someone behind them. at the same time, the Chinese are too hard-working, always bring a lot of industry overcapacity made .LED tubes t5 t8 lighting market demand is how many, if you focus on a few lighting manufacturers products may no small plants living space, so now the price war is in promoting industrial development. “one industry source told reporters. Chenbing Quan said, “the clouds of smoke in the rain beach, it is easy to see the hard work. Nothing I had known when the human eye, buy rouge painted peony .– This poem describes LED current situation would be more appropriate. A lot of people want others who find ideas, giant collective absence exhibition industry, the most obvious reason is unwilling to place spies reduced to fish. ” Currently, for most consumers, LED tubes t5 t8 lighting products are just ordinary consumer goods, the price is still an important reference factor. Whether LED technology consumers of those things, as long as the line of inexpensive quality assurance. So now the lowest enterprises to participate in the “price war” strategy may well be rapidly advancing LED light source alternative method. But for the future, how to guide consumers to pay attention to the LED light source and application design, how to improve the added value of LED tubes t5 t8 lighting, a business innovation need to further enhance the points. Indeed, LED enterprises lack of innovation, the battle is more than persevering LED industry promising, halfway fatigue, the next round of the playoffs more tragic. Rivers and lakes melee, the pattern has changed, the bigger, the weak must hang! Of course, people in the industry can do the planning, it can secretly layout, but it should be up quietly. For industrial development only to find problems before interest and timely response. Is not no hope, no opportunity, not just to discover, Internet +, opportunities and challenges co-exist! A number of enterprises die, + there will be a number of Internet companies have emerged as an opportunity. LED tubes t5 t8 lighting has become a steady stream of people were chasing the dream. Since the hearts there is a dream, do not give up. LED tube lights industry, lack of innovation, we need the help of LED + innovation, strong enough desire can be realized. The so-called start of both, not seeking to be heroes and do their own thing to do, he can get to get orders for their own is the best, like the steady development. Calm down, identify the location, do not chase technology and innovation as cheap service that dangerous road, when the whole arena and out the door is the enemy, take time to really stop to consider, followed his path to take, how to dream round!
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