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t5 lamps

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t5 lamps
The quality check of LED tube lights lamp glass and aluminum tube, the glass led tube light is really cheap?
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Glass LED tube lights lamp is really cheap? Compare, aluminum pipe LED tube lights lamp, the minimum 1 year warranty to count. Average 2.33 yuan per month. No breakfast or a bottle of water to the price. Monthly electricity savings obliterated costs. Good deal. If cheap glass LED tube lights lamps. Warranty six months, we press to count the price of 20 yuan, 3.33 yuan a month, six months and have to change, costly and cumbersome and not environmentally friendly, need to find a broken place properly treated, is not worthwhile.
Glass LED tube lights lamp technology content is not high, the lack of industry standards, there is no clear quality certification requirements, a lot of price, low quality inferior LED glass lamp flooding the market is an indisputable fact, lead glass lamp long led in the low-end market. In the glass bulb of concern and respected at the same time, voices of doubt in the LED industry also triggered a sustained manner. Glass bulb biggest feature is its low price, the price is the first to be questioned who criticized places. In addition to glass LED tube lights lamp cheap, no other advantage. From the current situation, led glass lamp mainly for the mass consumer market, less demanding for quality, we are more concerned about the price. It is precisely because of this positioning, leading manufacturers blind pursuit of price advantage, uneven product quality can not be guaranteed, complaints and more. Because of the vicious competition, leading to confusion in the industry LED tube lights lamp glass, the emergence of various quality problems, industry positioning confusion. With the LED market maturing, further clear product positioning, to further regulate the industry standard. Will be forced to solve quality problems.
Users and manufacturers have complained breakable glass LED tube lights lamp is not lit, the cooling rate is also far less than aluminum, and also in the assembly process is very cumbersome, difficult to deal with unexpected problems. Light fades fast, brightness down fast, inevitable fact. Therefore, the sky will not fall, or the hapless user. You will continue to buy the lamp, you will pay several times the price to extend lamp life. According to process glass, all using viscose process, when the lamp is damaged, let alone the repair. One-time use, can only lose. LED tube lights lamp cooling aluminum pipe good, and long life, even if broken, can repair, replace bad parts, but also continue to be used repeatedly, can always use it, life becomes a limitless. Especially with the high requirements of the project, led aluminum tube is the preferred of course.
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