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t5 led bulb replacement

t5 led bulbreplacement
The era of LED tube lights lamps fully automated production is coming?
Cob led tubes t8 t5 t10 t12 lights review: Although many LED manufacturers are screaming about the soon shipment volume and quick delivery in LED bulb or LED tube lights these years, fewer and fewer have the ability to realize the fully automated led tube lights production. Currently only a few LED manufacturers produce LED bulbs through the automated production lines, as to LED tube lights, there are currently not yet unified design, because led tube lights assembly process differences causes the market can not be able to achieve fully-automated production equipment.
Located in Putian City Fujian Province, tcob led light tube wanban published a fully automated assembly equipment LED lamp series.Since 2012, Wanban’s CEO Mr He Wenming as the head of engineer in tcob mcob led lighting, has invested a lot of R & D manpower and budget into leading the development of the first generation of automatic tcob mcob cob led tube lights lamp automated assembly equipment. Due to China Region labor cost is increasingly rising, the demand for fast automatic assembly for LED lighting products among the led lighting manufacturers is badly requested.
The new equippment series can replace traditional labor intensive production lines, with a special mechanism designed to resolve the error-prone human assembly operation, to ensure production quality and consistency. The basic model of the equipments can reach a daily prodution capacity of 200,000 LED t8 tube lamps only.
Currently we have the ability to make the material properties of the guest system optimization module designed for the customer design structure of different products. High-speed stability to complete the automatic dispensing, intubation, lamp sets, spot welding, etc … lock screw assembly work. The current design can be assembled by 2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot led tube lights with all plastic or glass t5 t8 lights tubes led. Hourly production (UPH) from 400pcs to 1000pcs, and the system is easy to install and maintain. Just need two people to operate the automated production equipment. There are a variety of special design with no welded cap and other patent pending.
Wanban as a large and multi shareholders, had many subsidiarie but now all are operated by one and officially renamed the led tube light and website as tcobled, it mainly covers for vacuum coating equipment, and various types of industrial control circuitry for the computer system. We have currently about 40 research and development team, responsible for the development of Light Source packaging, MCOB TCOB higher efficiency and better LED lighting products, automated assembly equipment. Whilw we mainly have a strong team to develop the sixe generation of led tube light(DIP,SMD,COB,MCOB,TCOB),automatic LED T8 T5 lights lamp automated assembly equipment, after careful verification and testing, will it comes into the official promotion to the global market. The new generation automatic LED T8 t5 lamps lights automated assembly equipment is also under process of laboratory.
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