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t5 led bulbs

t5 led bulbs
Knowledge: LED fluorescent tube light distribution curve
cob, fluorscent, led, tubes, light, t5, t8, t10, t12, lamps, lighting, supplier, reviews, Core Tip: the so-called light curve Popular point in space is lighting every angle distribution of luminous intensity. What is a light curve?
The so-called light curve refers to the lamp light source center of the sphere, by a core and a cross section of the optical axis of the light distribution curve plotted as a plane. Popular point that is to be distributed in space lamps each point of light intensity.
Lamp luminous intensity in all directions of space is not the same, we can use numerical and graphical record of the lamps in the distribution of space, these graphics and figures can help us understand overview lamp light intensity distribution, and to feed strong illumination , the lighting brightness and distance, height ratio calculations.
Incandescent, fluorescent lamps and other such that light pan-Wai about 4¦Ð, which is similar to BCX Po-hsin LED lamp such LED lamps, LED itself due to relatively strong directional sake, light pan-Wai only 2¦Ð space.
Common distribution curve representation generally three ways: First, polar coordinate method, the second is rectangular coordinates method, three are equally light intensity curve.
Vertical light distribution curve:
LED fluorescent light distribution curve which means light (or lamp) light intensity distribution space in all directions. The test results are judged lighting energy efficiency and use of important data when carrying out the general foreign professional sellers purchasing lamps, light distribution curve generally as the basic argument.
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