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t5 led tube

t5 led tube
Fujian LED manufacturer areas, so you are Warlords of led tube lights?
In recent years, Fujian LED lighting areas are more and more industry attention, is the domestic industry can not be questioned “Strength.” On the one hand, areas in Fujian LED lighting industry has a good foundation and advantage, and get better and better industrial performance; on the other hand, LED lighting producing areas in Fujian export market, chip packaging, capital market and other fields have achieved outstanding results LED industry and many other areas Heights, the “attack.”
Dazzling export market performance
Export market is undoubtedly present many LED lighting companies in the eyes of huge “market cake”, while Fujian LED lighting companies in the export market more dazzling performance, which is quite a few areas of LED lighting can not match. According to the China Sea on the 2015 published “China’s foreign trade hundred cities” shows that Fujian Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Longyan City are ENTRY, wherein the LED lighting industry as the focus of Fujian, Xiamen ranked list 7 name, far ahead of other cities in Fujian province, where representatives of export enterprises in Xiamen has Rieter letter lighting, Topstar lighting, Highline lighting.
Of course, many areas in Fujian LED lighting business, “love” the export market, has a deep-seated reasons: on the one hand, under the new era, the competition heating up the domestic market, the domestic market and overseas market is still relatively “temptation”, and export profit margins than domestic profits greater; on the other hand, have a lot of good export market Fujian congenital conditions, such as policy, geographic location, etc., is conducive to large-scale production and fast access to export markets. Li Wei Zu Seekbest Technology general manager, said so many companies interested in the export market, mainly because orders do export more concentrated, less style, large quantities, is conducive to production and procurement of materials to be a short time scale enterprises.
In fact, many LED lighting Fujian enterprises occupy a larger share in the export market, and obviously these enterprises export advantages are:
1, export enterprises strength, with large-scale production capacity;
2, Fujian export enterprises to produce high-quality products, has long been the recognition of foreign customers, won a good reputation in the market;
3, the Fujian government level to give more policy support export business;
4, Fujian has an excellent location and export advantage, Fujian enterprises to allow continued expansion in export terms. In recent years, although other domestic LED lighting producing companies have joined the export market, “cake” snatch, but Fujian LED lighting business with many of the export market advantages in the domestic lighting companies still maintained a good score.
In addition, three new board listed company in Fujian, Po Electronics momentum of development should not be overlooked, in 2015 operating income of 260.76 million yuan, the domestic LED lighting companies in the three new board listing the few “one hundred million yuan households.” According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, news, Xiamen-Po Electronics is applying the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, the current review status is “feedback.” Listed with three new board in 2014, Xiamen Hing Lung and Xiamen Long Star Lighting 2015 sales are up to million yuan level, but the future development needs to continue its efforts.
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