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t5 light bulb

t5 light bulb
Phase-cut dimming is a blessing and a curse for designers specifiers. The controls are low cost and legacy halogen and incandescent bulb tube lamps work perfectly with any phase-controlled dimmer. LED-based products, however, must include a driver that’s capable of interpreting the input from the dimmer and acting on that input in driving the LEDs. We’ve had numerous features that have discussed the issue including an article written by dimmer-specialist wanban.
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James Niu, Co-Chair, Strategies in Light and The LED Light Future said that It appears that the industry is in for a disruptive shift in the playing field, with the Internet of Things (IoT) ushering in a few more players to our arena. We have several other industries that can add their particular technology like led tube light technology into the lighting plot, making the illumination portion trivial. We have Enlighted adding metadata collection as a value-add and using the lighting simply as the vehicle. James over at there with smart tubes that are standalone interactive units, getting international press. And companies like Sengled adding cameras and speakers to the tcob led tube lights, once again overstepping the traditional lighting boundaries. The led lighting industry as a whole can see the writing on the wall and is either shifting with the times or consolidating to partner with ¡°outside¡± companies, trying to stay relevant.