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t5 light bulbs home depot

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t5 light bulbs homedepot
Consumers tend to have set mindset, habit and even attachment to certain products. Meanwhile, consumers are worried about purchasing smart LED tube lights products and making themselves lab rats. They can only seek help from original manufacturers. Therefore, they tend to avoid trying new products to prevent uncertain losses or risks. .
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Likewise, wanban, a commercial indoor led lighting specialist based in Chinese Mainland, is developing an app that will allow home users to control lighting levels through their phones, tablets, and other gadgets, said Kevin Huang, vice president of wanban’s IoT business unit. It is also working on an OEM smart lighting module for its tcob mcob cob led tube lights lamp manufacturers.
Lighting market scale will continue to expand, but competition will abnormally intensify, said Pan Pan, President of Guangya Academy of Light Research and Founder of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. Companies unable to cope will gradually drop out from the market, he continued. The dispersed industry will lead to large manufacturers prioritizing acquisition of small niche companies. Mergers will become a catalyst for industry chaos. Industry insiders believe rising industry restructure including the led tube light suppliers and factories are related to government policies and investments. .
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