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t5 lights

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t5 lights
Living in the led lighting times, what’s the touch of light your home need?
lighting, led , tubes, lights, lamps, bulbs, cob, t5, t8, reviews: LED era is a great era, every household can be used for low-cost LED products, save large sums of expenses for a family of electricity, in fact, be able to save electricity is really minimal, when savvy manufacturers understand Operators when this account is also settled a consumer finds this account, it began to introduce price comparable incandescent LED bulbs.
Speaking of “Muslim funeral” This book is quite literary style of high school politics teacher recommended to everyone in the class, and mentioned more than once, until freshman year I bought the book, and then it was the story fascinated, attracted me as well as the new moon in the room that lamp.
The paper tells the story from real people, like the moon’s path in life that lamp in her room sometimes open, sometimes closed, I always love that blazing, precarious life or touched, or sad, often watched to cry, to leave when the new moon, when my mind was broken Chu Yan Chao, after all, embarked on a new moon dark road, the lodge has been accompanied her lamp is still there is no mention in the book, when I closed the book back to the real world when thinking that’s been found that there are a lot of people spend a lamp (incandescent).
Incandescent Since when is really into the Chinese thousands of families, I do not know, but South Korea’s new moon live in, it should not be used by everyone on the lamp, to know her father, but national cadres living conditions quite superior. The story this passage occurred in 1962, it is the day of the new moon 17th birthday. That year my father and my son is now probably about the same size, for the memory of that time is not, asked some elders aged longer, they still think the lantern (kerosene lamp), I remember many years ago my family also there is one, do not know at this time if it is still there.
Ego has been the memory of my home is incandescent, the early 1990s, my family changed a 100W light bulb, I feel at home instantly brighter burst, then it went to the yard, illuminated neighbors curfew road, but my room is a dim old incandescent 40W, the filament burns out, I always put it off shake followed by screwing up.
Until the late 1990s, the neighbors and my family was put on a funky lamp, rectifier with inductance starter, a 36W cool white lamps to illuminate the entire room. Bird 40W incandescent lamp thrown away, but it’s brothers and sisters who wear colored clothes still alive, when every Spring Festival they will be grandma grandpa out to decorate our room, yard, or even a screen wall Flanagan village the highest mast.
So the family had colored light outdoors with colored lighting, when my parents and pedaling a bicycle to the festival, it will be like a lighthouse on the vast sea guidance direction. The place is also the only time in my life can be counted as “lighting” and “building.”
Blink of an eye to the 21st century, my Uncle to my father introduced a newer and more efficient lighting products, fluorescent finer than this thing, lower power, according to the brighter, the key is that it can emit a warm light.
I was attracted this amazing guy, and later found that there is actually red, green, blue, purple and so on. It is no inductance rectifiers, no starter, no current when starting buzzing sound. Until after I entered the door of the lighting industry to know the magic of the fluorescent lamp, but also a kind of, some manufacturers refer to him as seamless T5 fluorescent lamps.
T8 to T5 from incandescent and then my memory is mostly parents toil all day to run around the figure, holidays, home lively scene, whether it is pale fluorescent, incandescent yellow or warm T5 fluorescent lamps, they are in my mind leaving a memory, the memory of which there are a lot of interesting people and stories.
One night I stood on the balcony, no lights, looking at the sky the moon, recite from the poems on the month, turn off the lights suddenly ran into the living room and found Nama moonlight could not shine into the living room of my house, can not help but sense of loss think of the situation many times on business.
Feasting peacefulness of the business district, nightlife really rich people brought a man to watch for the lights at night, it also brings economic effects, however, looked no longer see the moon rise from the window of the hotel, I do not know my baby still have the chance to understand those stars on month and poetry.
Opposite the tower are my colors to create a LED night lighting.
Some people say that our current era of life is LED, LED era is a great era, every household can be used for low-cost LED products, save large sums of expenses for a family of electricity, in fact, be able to save electricity is really minimal when savvy manufacturers can quite see that this account when consumers found the settled this account, they began to introduce price comparable incandescent LED bulbs.
Recently, a chat with patrons, he said his friend told him yesterday, LED tip bubble price 1.2 yuan, 1.5 incandescent lamps are too! Both of us do not know is happy or sad. LED flooded in the moment, many owners buy LED lights Required, advocacy store owners on the CD LED energy saving, LED sales price dropped lower and lower, uniform light decoration fabric has also been ingrained into the way the hearts of millions of people.
However, the plane of the illumination system, cheap LED, lighting the wrong way and loose cloth lamp mode in ordinary household use, thank God, not your home is no longer lit up!
I often feel at home in this light touch may not seem important, but when I am at home with his son the game, accompanied his wife to recover, “Sun”, holding “Muslim funeral” burst into tears when I awoke at home in this light also really quite important.
However, the light touch of my family that are still not what I want to create that touch of light.
I’ve been thinking how my family really need a touch of light it? She should be a touch of warm light, comfortable and light touch, a touch of quiet light, a light wipe clean, and looked up at the window of that little star crisp touch of moonlight.
By the way, have you ever thought about: what your home needs a touch of light?
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