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t5 vs t8 lighting

t5vs t8 lighting
New arrival led tube light t8 12w 16w 20w high lumen energy saving 180 degree aluminum and pc cover 2016 hot led t8 tube light .
high quality t5 integrated led tube light tcob and cob 0.3m fluorescent led t5 tube lamp led 300mm tube t5 light warm white .
Wanban troffers provide tcob led tube light with high lumen output of 188-200lm per watt, enabling easy integration with third party led light in shopping malls systems for even further energy savings with daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and automatic timers. The TCOB mcob cob feature allows for impressive installation cost savings, and by eliminating the need for additional communications chips, is less expensive to maintain over time. With this product, wanban provide commercial installations with industry-leading efficacy, greater installation flexibility and lower labor cost, ideal for hard-to-wire applications.
The project encompassed the sales area, laboratory space, and technical and service rooms. The led tube lighting design addressed the need for visual comfort in all of the spaces along with high-end task lighting in areas where detail work is done.
Best selling smart tcob mcob cob led t5 t8 tubes lighting products in China are not necessarily those with the best quality, and are often much higher quality. The fact that they are manufactured in China also doesn¡¯t excite consumers by the price.