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t8 bulbs vs t12

t8 bulbs vst12
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First, it¡¯s better to focus on a specific consumer group, and then expand to wider group of consumers. For instance, Wanban TCob mcob cob led tube light, which first was sold through Apple retail stores, was targeting consumers that were willing to try out new things, and value user experience more than the led tube lighting functions themselves, and were not price sensitive. Second, it¡¯s crucial to repeatedly test the stability and reliability of the led tube light product during design phase, and promote test results to lower consumers purchase risks and eradicate their concerns. TCOB mcob cob LED tube lighting is all about intelligent lighting technology and meeting user¡¯s demand, color tuning is just an additional performance feature and not the essence of excellent lighting. TCOB t5 t8 led tube lighting is also not defined by complicated operations; ¡°human centric designs¡± should be the core of perfect lighting.
The 500 million to 600 million fluorescent tubes discarded annually in the United States introduce an estimated two to four tons of mercury to the environment, despite industry and government efforts to limit mercury content and encourage recycling.
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