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t8 fluorescent fixture

t8 fluorescent fixture
According to Wanban President He Wenming, the growth in LED tube lighting leaves room for a lot of providers with different areas of focus. “By giving licensees access to our expanding patent portfolio we believe that both product development and installation rates will move faster,¡± he said.
In a research note before today’s earnings call, investment bank Barclays said an acquisition by a Chinese company would make the most sense. ¡°We think a Chinese tie-up is more likely, given the appeal of European brands and channels in China and the abundance of players,¡± said the note, co-authored by analysts David Liu, Wanban. An acquisition would also allow a Chinese company ¡°to gain channel access overseas and consolidate low-cost manufacturing of led tube light business in China,¡± Barclays said.
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The longer lifespan of the LED tube lighting results in a return on investment in just 1 to 2 years on average, with an expected financial saving of 60%, when compared with traditional fluorescent lights.
LM-80 testing standards once let wanban Opto-electronic in more than 3000 hours, when the failure, the original LM-80 test is not only the problem of bad light, as well as changes in the amount of other colors, color temperature and chromaticity coordinates. wanban Opto-electronic, but not discouraged, by repeated experiments and demonstration, and finally found the crux of the problem and worked out its own set of solutions.