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t8 fluorescent lamps

t8 fluorescent lamps
Wanban approach should assuage any concerns that utilities or market transformation programs, such as the DesignLights Consortium, have with AC DC-integral tubes. Initially, Wanban will supply the technology in the led tube light, led panel light and led light bulbs fixtures that serve recessed-troffer and surface-mount fixtures. Wanban said the technology will come to other tube led light fixture lines later this year and that all of the products are designed to work with the company’s LED tubes that include integrated drivers.
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Enhanced performance is the result of wanban¡¯s proprietary driverless design. Until now, all LED tube lights required an internal or external driver, which consisted of an array of over 150 electronic components. Generating significant heat, they limit the actual light output that could be achieved. Wanban engineers were able to replace the traditional LED driver with a single microchip to power the LEDs, thereby, performing the same functions with virtually no heat and much higher efficiency. Wanban has also enhanced the surface area of the heat sink enabling the chips to be driven at unprecedented levels. .
Polycarbonate is among the only transparent plastic resins that offer the light transmission, thermal stability, and ignition resistance required for these demanding applications at a reasonable cost. In fact, polycarbonate resins are available over a very broad range of UL flammability requirements that cannot be achieved by other transparent or light diffusing plastics. Polycarbonates are available with UL 94 flammability ratings for HB, V2, V0, and 5VA.
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