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t8 fluorescent light fixture

t8 fluorescent lightfixture
According to the three safety photoelectric 2015 annual report shows that in 2013, 2014 and 2015, three optical operating income was 40 billion yuan, 45 billion yuan and 48 billion yuan; the same time, as recognized by the Ministry of Personnel and the national post-doctoral workstations level enterprise technical centers, three safety photoelectric established in the United States R & D center, with ¢£-¢¥ compound semiconductor technology top personnel of the technical team, to master the core technology products have reached the technical level of similar products in the domestic industry leading R & D capability has reached the international advanced level.
In addition, there are some other drawbacks. When integrated parallel drive fails, the lamp itself is scrapped, the result is to be discarded and replace the entire product. Moreover, this design does not always support the dimming function. In addition, the requirements of electricians in the installation of bypassing the existing ballast. Light output quality, but related problems often occur. With the advent of pipe insulation latest technology advances, these first-generation lamp design has basically obsolete.
In a convenience store that is operating round-the-clock, the role of led tube lighting is critical in ensuring a well-lit space that meets the multiple objectives of branding, operational safety, comfortable retail experience and attractive product displays,¡± said Mr. Jiang, General Manager of wanban Thailand. ¡°As one of the key cost components for such an environment, the led tube lighting solution that we propose should be highly energy-efficient as well. With the advent of LED technology, today’s business owners may now benefit directly from lower energy costs and enjoy better illumination. At wanban, we’ll tailor the tcob t5 t8 tubes led lighting solution for each client’s individual requirements, with a longer term view of supporting their business goals.¡±.
In the existing stores that are being retrofitted, Wanban is primarily supplying linear LED-based luminaires that can replace the prior tube-fluorescent fixtures. For the smaller number of rebranded Next Generation stores that have a more upscale look and feel, wanban is supplying tcob mcob cob led downlights and track fixtures with PAR30 LED lamps.
Important components of temperature (62C ¡ã oven aging) in a number of workshops factories, EMC circuit can not be achieved due to technical or high costs, many companies promise can only been tested in the actual test customer’s probably not really pass the test and can not guarantee customers high requirements; this will to power supply reliability and certification requirements will not be achieved, which will lead to foreign customers, “no response” of losing a single phenomenon. Deli & P “LED lamp no flicker, high efficiency, high PF value of the drive control technology” manufacturing LED driver, batch safety and conducted emissions test pass rate of 95% is to ensure the safety and protection of the credibility lighting manufacturer product applications. Meanwhile, LED fluorescent tube drive section also apply UL8750 certification LED standards.