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t8 fluorescent tube

t8 fluorescent tube
High lumen office lighting indoor lighting retrofit led for t5 fluorescent lamp g5 led t5 60cm tube led tube t5 .
Wanban’s TCOB(top chips on board), MCOB 2th(multi-chips on board 2th generation) technology LED tubes lights rise to lifetime challenges with tcob packaging led chips and its self-developed and designed driver and raw materials. Solid-state lighting replacements for traditional fluorescent tube lighting require outer covering and optical materials that are as robust as the LED tube light source inside. Bill Cai explains the advantages afforded by polycarbonate for the unique design of TCOB LED tube lights.
t8 plug and play led tube light 18w 5 years warranty compatible with t8 tube8 led light tube 18w t8 led lamp .
t8 led tube 188lm 200lumen per watt tube 4ft tcob and cob 18w 1200mm ce rohs ul inmetro ac85 265v single end input led tube lamp .
Wanban just provided a led tube lighting solution for an European super market. The main propose for supermarket illuminate is to evoke an atmosphere of the leisurely shopping, and to increase sales volume.