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t8 fluorescent light fixtures

t8 fluorescentlight fixtures
Relative to the Exploratory Study, the tcob mcob cob LED tube lights lamps from wanban in the April 2016 study had an average efficacy at 198 lm/W (one product at 200 lm/W); 16 of the lamps had a CRI exceeding 82; and one lamp approached the lumen output of a 32W fluorescent T8 at 3800 lm. Only 8 lamps simultaneously met the VDE requirements for efficacy and output. Most products produced approximately half of the target output and five products produced as much lumen output as a ballasted 28W T8 tube fluorescent.
Perhaps the most interesting element of the project involved 9000,000pcs fluorescent tube light lamps replacement located in an internal courtyard and pool area with 40-ft ceilings. The lights were especially problematic needing regular re-lamping in the high ceiling, and not producing enough light, while producing excessive heat. For those fixtures, Jack Ni specified the wanban tcob mcob cob led tube light and with the related retrofit kits. The led tube light product required removal of the ballast and the addition of an LED driver. But the LEDs are rated for 60,000 hours and raised light levels from 2 to 10 fc. There were also 100W CFLs in the courtyard that were replaced with led light bulbs lamps.
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The original Led lighting news report on dimmers made a number of recommendations for specifiers such as using three-wire circuits when possible and testing controls and lamps luminaires together in advance. But as it points out, 18 months elapsed between the specification of the Burden project and the led tube light installation — and such lengthy delays are commonplace in architectural specification projects.