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t8 lamp

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t8 lamp
Deep workers released the world’s first nano-deformation without plastic LED tubes lights lamp
June 11 afternoon, the Shenzhen New Energy Workers (hereinafter referred to as deep work) in the world’s largest lighting exhibition Guangzhou International Lighting Fair (ie Guangya Exhibition) during the carrying Ruifeng power LED fluorescent tubes held together trend seminars, publishing after a year and a half of research and development of new products detected “nano-grade high strength plastic tube.” ? President of the Guangdong Provincial Association of Lighting Jeon Jian, a professor of South China University of Technology, Mr. Wen Shang Sheng, Mr. Ding Rui SABIC application development manager for Greater China. Lighting Division Manager Mr. Xiong Jianfeng, Director General Manager of Shenzhen Jinfu Gui innovation and Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Feng and major media participated in the event, co-explore the development trend of LED lamp 2016. ? As host of activities, e-commerce, Deputy General Manager Mr. Liu Guangzhou Aladdin quite mixed feelings. For the current development trend of LED lamp, he said, “LED lighting provides innovative lighting device can effectively reduce energy consumption, LED bulb replacement market has grown, it is bound to be widely used. ? Mr. Jian made the whole forecast for the current LED lamp market. “2013 sales of straight tube fluorescent lamps are 1.8 billion, to the current, fluorescent output is declining, LED on the rise, according to 30% growth this year, sales of t5 t8 cob LED tubes lamp could reach about 800 million. ” ? LED due to performance ratio and price ratio improved sharply growing global demand. With the popularity of the product, the current LED product is already a downward price trend, but the downside is limited, is expected by the end of 2016 will gradually stabilize. Current, the civilian market penetration rate of LED T5 T8 led tubes lights bulbs lamps is relatively low, while the lighting project a substantial increase in market share, which is an important breakthrough of the development of lights LED T5 T8 tubes, a broader development prospects. The world’s first published work deep without distortion nano plastic LED lamp right time. ? According Guifeng, this product name may be based solely on performance. “Nano” refers to products using nanoscale photoconductive particles, the light more evenly, so that LED light is no longer dazzling; “high-intensity” means that the product is not easy due to the lamp body heat deformation, completely changed the current ordinary plastic pipe from Alice deformation disadvantage. In addition, this product is a light rate of more than 92%, soft lighting, greener, eye. ? As we all know, the moment the presence of heat difficult problems of ordinary plastic tube. Through this new technical innovation, completely solve the crux of the plastic tube heat dissipation problem. According to Gui Feng, the “nano-scale high-strength plastic tube” was added special material, so that the lamp further enhance the thermal performance; In addition, the lamp also has a convection holes, limited residual heat inside the tube can be discharged. ? Use of nano-grade high strength plastic tube pipe making finished with the following advantages: 1, good heat dissipation, long-term use does not bend, no deformation; 2, the use of safe, easy to leakage relative to aluminum, glass easily broken drawbacks, This innovative product can be eliminated. ? It is reported that this new product called “nano-high-strength plastic tube” has adopted a number of international brands lamp suppliers related tests. And in the price, high cost of deep work will be open for the sale of new products. Gui Feng said the company will commit to this product will be “the same quality in the best price, with the best price-quality” products. ? In addition, Ningbo, Zhejiang AIU photoelectric chairman Wang Jue said they did not care about the opponent’s photoelectric engine or intelligent lighting solutions, but on the world’s first high-temperature deep energy development workers interested in nano-tube deformation, this tube wall is only 0.4mm, It can withstand 120 degree heat, 2m height drop without any problems. ? For the development of the industry, Professor Wen Shang Sheng believes that 2016 is perhaps the most painful suffering most of the year. First, there is no traditional marketing potential, and now follow the traditional marketing more difficult; second, do not die in transition, transition, then turn the dead, the boss heart very contradictory; thirdly, the traditional lack of confidence in the Internet entrepreneur; s Fourth, just as one of the network of sales channels, and there is no reasonable use; fifth, the traditional channel sales entrenched thinking. ? Related statistics, in 2015 the number of lamps and production shipments of integrated commercial lighting, significant growth compared with 2014, causing prices to fall rapidly, affecting the promotion effect dealer path. However, this situation will improve significantly in 2016, mainly due to the cost structure of the led tubes lights t8 t5 lamps lights is stabilized, and gradually increase the degree of standardization conducive to sales, reduce inventory risk.
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