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t8 led replacement

t8 led replacement
Wanban Optical: again break new ground
tcob, mcob, cob, led, tubes, fluorescent, t5, t8, lights, lamps, reviews, Abstract: From the current competitive landscape LED lighting market, the Wanban Optoelectronics order to form with the traditional lighting giants competing against the situation, the need for highly targeted aggressive sales strategy, which is focused on the need to force the Wanban.
Founded in 1993 in Fujian Province Wanban Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as photoelectric Wanban), it was originally a manufacturer of electronic flash products business, the rise of LED boom in 2008, when Wanban Optoelectronics (http://www.ledtubelightst8.com ) conform to the trend transition into the LED lighting industry.
Today, Wanban photoelectric took two decades before and after the time, his own family from a small workshop enterprise, becomes the eyes of the media industry, “high-efficiency LED banner.”
Wanban photoelectric success is inseparable from the helm He Wenming, “pointing country.” He Wenming 1989, graduated from Shanghai University of Science and Technology, the ambitious hard work he began his own career. In 1993, He Wenming founded in Putian City Wanbang Electronics Co., Ltd., officially opened his own.
To a managerial position from the technical bench, He Wenming completed the first crossing of life. In twenty years of entrepreneurial process, and strive to progress, he filled up his own management short board on the initiative to participate in management training in Universities and obtained EMBA degree.
In the eyes of colleagues, He Wenming has a wealth of theoretical guidance, more than twenty years experience in the development of the line, as a manager of market information capture capabilities. It is this “Sambo”, pointed out the direction for the Wanban Optoelectronics, singing all the way on the path of development.
New packaging technology journey
Technology to clear the way, is the first pass through the Wanban the photoelectric lighting market is a major weapon in the years of market-tested battle. Over time, technological leadership has also become a development guideline Wanban photoelectric convention. In the eyes of peers, Wanban photovoltaic technology is a true pioneer.
Whether it is from traditional lighting to LED lighting, or from the packaging field to applications, has been serving He Wenming, head of research and development. He personally stood on the Wanban intensive experimental field photovoltaic technology, and take the lead in the implementation of strict tight R & D strategy.
Since 2008, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences photoelectric Wanban FJIRSM formed a strategic partnership, the establishment of cooperation in all aspects and other personnel, technology and information. Chinese Academy of Sciences, supported by strong scientific research strength, and now He Wenming arm of Wanban has nearly photovoltaic R & D team, R & D services in various sectors, for the development of lighting technology “escort.”
In 2010, He Wenming first invention, the identity of the successful application 100 patents, 14 international patents and 9 patents; in 2011, He Wenming invention patents “An LED lamp” won the second prize of Fujian Province patent. In the same year, the new Wanban optoelectronic products WBS55WD06 patch to get new products in Fujian Province Award.
In the field of LED package, Wanban Optoelectronics cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed the technology MCOB and ceramic packaging technology. At the same time in the field of heat lamps, Wanban is also active in the photovoltaic technology research, and successfully developed a high-performance LED heat dissipation and cooling primer paint, and other key technologies.
In 2012, Wanban Optical these technologies to LED fluorescent tubes and LED bulb, found lumens reach 170LM per watt, refresh the highest luminous efficiency record after the company created 140LM ??per watt LED fluorescent tubes and LED bulb , among the international advanced level.
It Wenming pleased to represent, in the same power, LED light efficiency Wanban photoelectric products than counterparts higher than about 20%, while product prices are low compared with peers more than 40%.
Insiders said the Wanban Optoelectronics LED light effect on prices for “double break” will help to break the international giants of the LED lighting technology blockade key, low-cost domestic LED lighting industry to lay a solid foundation.
However, the pace of technological development of photovoltaic Wanban did not stop, they will now advance to the second generation packaging technology MCOB process, that MCOB-¢ò. He Wenming According to reports, Wanban photoelectric MCOB-¢ò after six years of painstaking research and development, is a cross-Wanban first photoelectric type MCOB packaging technology, with high luminous efficiency high life and high stability characteristics of low prices.
It is understood, MCOB-¢ò light distribution structure of cross combination, with silver alloy plate special treatment, thermal power up to 90 percent, using the technology developed LED lamp entire lighting efficiency of up to 188 LM per watt till now.
“Silver plating layer LED lights will be long-term work in black, PPA framework yellowing occurs, these two materials will make the tcob mcob cob LED light source brightness decay, color temperature drift. Wanban’s MCOB-¢ò silver alloy MCOB packaging technology, canceled SMD silver plating and PPA framework of the stent, completely solve the main problems of the above two effects LED life. “He Wenming further said to reporters.
Breaking and application market
However, in a bumpy tcob LED lighting market alone will clear the way for this technology, “a fresh recruit” is obviously not as a foothold. Wanban Optoelectronics able bucked the downturn last year, LED market, adhere to rely on the many years of its strategic focus, LED lamps and bulbs in the two market segments intensive.
The Wanban photovoltaic market this idea to make it give up the product line width over the pursuit, but to seize the market segmentation to develop longitudinal. Since 2008 to enter the LED lighting market, always adhere to the Wanban the photoelectric lamp bulb and that “two legs” to walk, and is taking the high road.
Early in the LED market, the high-end LED lighting products in the domestic case of excess quality, inferior price on hindered the further expansion of such products. Thus, the high-end positioning of Wanban the photoelectric early to focus on the export market.
With the reshuffle of the domestic LED market, product quality and international standards and gradually promote the LED market further release. Since the end of last year to this year, replacing the climax of the domestic TCOB MCOB COB LED products began to slowly rise up. Under this incentive, the electric light Wanban eat cheese domestic LED market the idea.
“This year, our new automated production machines supporting the latest upgrade MCOB-¢ò– silver alloy production technology, production than in the past increased by nearly 10 percentage points. Nissan source of 200-300K, bulb finished Nissan 30-50K , fluorescent tubes Nissan 20K. “He Wenming said.
He put production capacity as an important basis reflects a company’s overall strength, the overall qualification, and plans next year to introduce a comprehensive automated production line, the Wanban the photoelectric output to a new level, showing explosive growth.
From the current competitive landscape LED lighting market, the Wanban Optoelectronics order to form with the traditional lighting giants competing against the situation, we need to take a very targeted offensive sales strategy.
Take the initiative to break the traditional pattern of the market, the most effective weapon than the price. Wanban birth of new technology and optoelectronic packaging production scale of explosive growth, have done a very good bedding for the price reduction.
“High energy, high index, high stability, low price of these products is the purpose of the Wanban, Wanban is more benevolent market expansion. Therefore, LED enterprises to develop, to subvert the traditional lighting pattern, low-cost, high-index products is an inevitable trend . “He Wenming’s remarks at the same time indicates that Wanban Optoelectronics will push into the domestic market.
On the current domestic lighting market, more than 90% of the application are incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps and other traditional lamps, LED tubes t5 t8 lights lamps accounted for only 10%, or even lower. This means that the LED market has a very large mining space.
Dedicated and professional market segments has been a photoelectric Wanban “honorable” business card, you can turn over the card, you’ll see a single category of products in question.
“The reason why Wanban product category is relatively simple, because we feel that in a period of technological innovation, decreasing the stability of quality and cost are our most concern part. When we think of packaging technology to the extreme, the product varieties diversification will come into being. “He Wenming explained.
In the emphasis on economies of scale LED industry, an enterprise in order to stage a foothold in the market, the annual sales volume has become a very important indicator, also means allocated to every product sold on the platform have reached a certain amount, adding to the single loading product category.
And He Wenming said that with the arrival of the Wanban photovoltaic technology, “pole”, they are brewing product diversification matters, and plans to launch panel lights, downlights, spotlights and a series of new products in the coming year.
Promotion route through EMC
In the domestic market for the planned large facilities fist Wanban Optoelectronics, the current urgent need to stand up is the user reputation. Lack of reputation can only be considered to support brand-building castles in the air, especially for high-end LED brand, the need to create an emotional connection between the product and the user, the user will become a fan.
For the current LED product quality varies greatly, users of the products lack of confidence in the status quo, many large companies are invariably LED mode as EMC market “springboard” and Wanban Optoelectronics also actively build this “springboard.”
“Because LED lamps into the market a short time, people’s awareness of LED deep understanding, coupled with the listed price of the pitch and uneven quality products, high-quality low-cost products are inferior products affected, causing the user to select products when a loss. “
He Wenming said most customers still hold LED under suspicious circumstances, Wanban photoelectric launched the “free installation, the two sides share” EMC energy saving programs to address the customer’s worries, so that the high cost of electricity for lighting customers more receptive and accelerate Wanban Optoelectronics in the domestic market promotion.
In practice, EMC, the EMC model with the Wanban the photoelectric energy BT management model combining flexible learned the advantages of both.
Matters through improvement of traditional EMC savings measure, cumbersome monitoring with variable payment, the completion and acceptance of the project is determined as a fixed node, to determine the owner with the operating side of the project energy savings, energy-saving rate of late payments in the node .
“We believe EMC business model is the best win-win operation plan. Our high luminous efficiency and long life of the products available to customers, more energy-efficient compared with similar LED products, our users and at the same time enjoy a higher rate of return.” He Wenming said. .
But he also said that in implementing the program, EMC will still encounter the customer’s lack of confidence in embarrassment, thus increasing the difficulty of sales.
In order to eliminate the customer’s psychological readiness, Wanban photoelectric proposed to let the customer a free trial period of stability through the practical application of energy-saving rate calculation and verification of products, using real data to show the cost advantage of its LED products.
Although EMC market variables still around, but the Wanban the photoelectric believe by virtue of their three advantages in products, technology guidance, service areas can then be break new led tube lights lamps record in the world.
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