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t8 led tube lights

t8 led tubelights
Which additives enhance the brightness LED tube light lamp shade material to use?
led t8 bulbs tube lights t5 fluorescent lammps review: Currently more popular energy saving lamps, led lamp t5 t8 tubes lights shade material development is more and more people to pay attention, these lamp shade feed materials are PC (polycarbonate), PMMA (acrylic), etc., that use What aids do to achieve LED lights neither glare, and can increase the brightness of LED lights it?
Reuters currently OFweek lighting energy saving lamps more and more popular, the development of led lamp t5 t8 tubes lights shade material is also more and more people to pay attention, these lamp shade feed materials are PC (polycarbonate), PMMA (acrylic), etc., then what to do to achieve the aid is neither dazzling LED lights, LED lights can increase the brightness of it? That is, we often say that the light-diffusing agent, and this light diffusing agent in the base material by repeatedly changing the direction of propagation of light refracted many times, to soft LED lighting line, but also can improve in the past simply Toner to adjust the degree of lack of glare, since the toner in the substrate will block out a lot of light, so dimming, and not as an organic light-diffusing agent did not file live a lot of light through. Is not any light diffusing agent LED optical materials do not affect the brightness (transmittance) it? This is something we can from the light diffusing agent currently used to analyze the current light diffusing agent are:
No models have a light diffusing agent and a light diffusion models. Inorganic light diffusing agent include: nano barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, silica, etc. These inorganic type light diffusing agent, inorganic type light diffusing agent from the microscopic point of view is a solid ball beads, light can not through this solid sphere, it will affect a lot of light through, refracted through only a portion of the light through, thus affecting the brightness or light. Currently doing the lamp shade light transmittance requirements can not choose inorganic light diffusing agent 50% above.
The organic light diffusing agent mainly acrylic type, styrene type, acrylic resin type, etc., which is transparent or translucent resin itself, most of the light by using the light diffusing agent and a refractive index of the material of the substrate itself difference in refractive index, after multiple refraction of light through the substrate that the light becomes soft and bright, and the light transmittance of the material less affected, lamp shade is made of optical materials and other good choices.
From the above analysis it shows: There are models of light diffusing agent is a PC, acrylic, and other substrate material lamp shade light diffusion agent is preferred. Because there are models of different species have light diffusing agent, the material itself refractive index of light is different, so there will be PC lamp shade light diffusion agent, PMMA lampshade light diffusion like a different classification.
Why do organic light diffusing agent led lamp t5 t8 tubes lights shade optical material does not much affect the brightness of it?
Now machine machine light diffusing agent nano beads, the material itself is permeable to light, a good solution to the problem of uniform light transmittance of such light diffusing agent through the substrate and beads of different refractive indices, after several rounds of light refraction, to achieve a soft light effect, light transmission loss can be less. This organic nanoparticle is a small transparent sphere, was added to the PC, PMMA, PVC, encapsulants can be uniformly dispersed in a resin, the incident light passes through the glass sphere, after countless times in the vitreous refracted again penetrate. Such a strong light is refracted, uniform dispersion. Make a point light source into a surface light source, expanding the light-emitting surface, and so that the light becomes very soft, and light can penetrate glass spheres, so little loss of light, and the other played a uniform light, translucent effect. PC optical material in order to achieve a light diffusion effect and a better haze, how to select a light diffusing agent do?
Choose a light diffusing agent to pay attention to the following aspects
1. Select the multicomponent diffusion of light, multi-component light diffusing agent of different sizes, so that the light can better times, and good haze. One-component light-diffusing agent haze no good multicomponent light diffusing agent, but a one-component light diffusing agent light transmittance. Refractive index of the light diffusing agent
2. Select the material you want to have a difference in refractive index of the substrate, but not too different, so the General Assembly leading to total reflection occurs, and reach the light diffusion transmittance requirements.
3. To make high-quality PC or PMMA optical materials, optical diffusion models to choose a led t8 t5 tube lights lamps bulbs t8 t5 light diffusing agent, so that the light cover serious, reach higher transmission rate, affect the actual needs. ”
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