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t8 light
90% households are using unscientific led tube lights
Led tube light lamps Core Tip: Designer Wu Wei in the home improvement industry for some about 10 years, from his professional point of view, nearly 90% of households only concerned with whether the lamp shape coordination with the decor when in the design and selection of led tube lamp, as well as the size of the energy efficiency and power, as to how about the lamp illumination, color temperature, size, etc. relating to the lighting environment is to achieve health standards whether it can achieve the perfect lighting design is very few people care about.
? Reporters interviewed 20 people, also expressed full selection of lamps mainly on account of the shape is beautiful, almost do not know what is the color temperature of the lighting design is poorly understood. ? In the moment people are increasingly concerned about food safety, well-being index, air quality, to the night we replaced the sun with light, most people only enjoy it brings light, but they ignore the health risks it may be buried. Particularly from outside the glare of neon lights, the home of various strength, various colors of light, designed for use unreasonable ubiquitous light pollution will be manufactured, he is like a beautiful invisible killer, threatening our health. ? 90 percent of home lighting are unscientific ? 22:30, Ms. Song, who lives in Fengtai District of Beijing has been awake window glare of neon lights flashed red, shines into the bedroom through a chink in the curtains, so that her heart is particularly irritable. Such a situation is very common in large cities. ? 1. Apple store Figure: The transparent Apple store, the night is just like a great light source, if there happens to houses within the irradiation range, that influence is obvious. ? Just recently, Apple’s flagship store in Hong Kong is being accused of environmental groups seriously affect the surrounding residents because of lighting the whole night after business hours. ? 2LED walls Figure: LED wall near the residential business, in recent years is one of the main sources of light pollution. ? Not only in outdoor light pollution, since most residents do not pay attention to the rational design of home lighting, home light pollution is most directly endanger people’s health killer. ? Mr. Zhang, who lives in Beijing Tongzhou before getting up every day at 6:20, summer Fortunately, winter, sleepily turn on the light, stinging eyes stabbed. ? Mistakes in home lighting ? According to a US survey showed that about two-thirds of the world’s people living in the light pollution. Scientists found that any artificial light will have a subtle light pressure. Long-term presence of such light pressure will make people, especially infants and young children behave restless, restless mood, making it difficult to sleep. ? Wu Wei, reminds consumers that we exist several common misconceptions lighting in daily life, Decoration should be avoided, and strive to create a not only beautiful, but also comfortable and healthy environment for the home environment lighting science. ? Overall light is too bright 3 whole light source is too bright Many people in order to highlight the luxurious, extensive use of light is too bright lamps in the decoration, such as crystal lamps, spotlights, downlights and so on, there are a lot of people do not consider the practicality, simply install a full circle in the living room ceiling spotlights . Such lighting is not scientific, not only a waste of resources, but also caused great irritation to the eye, easy to cause emotional upset. ? Regardless of the strength of brightness 4, regardless of the strength of brightness ? In the home, the use of interior space each control different functions of the strength also have different requirements. ? In general, living room, study, dining room and other space than the brightness of the bedroom, kitchen and other space more stronger, so the lighting design more in line with the law of human life. ? The bedroom is best to follow the hotel lighting design, install at least three different types of lights, a headlight, but the wattage is best not to be too high, so as not to turn on the lights too bright in the night; one is a lamp, a lot people like to lie in bed reading the newspaper, the best lamp brightness can be adjusted, you can adjust brightness when reading these, you can adjust darker when watching TV; you can also design a night light in the soft light of 30 cm from the ground where, You can always open at night, easy to urinate. 5 is too strong chiaroscuro
? Too strong chiaroscuro 6 is too strong chiaroscuro Indoor lighting should be kept soft, uniform, non-glare and shadows. Some people in order to create special effects in a certain space, with the use of an opaque shade lamps in the room, leading to indoor light and shade seasons, when people’s attention turned from the light zone dark, eyes to see objects in the dark areas will take some time to adapt, so repeatedly can easily cause visual fatigue. ? Colorful lights 7 colorful lights Some families in the selection of lamps and light sources, in order to pursue a romantic, luxurious, tend to ignore the reasonable lighting needs, the lighting design as colorful. Color light messy, not only damage eyesight, but also interfere with central nervous function. ? Irrespective of color temperature 8 does not consider the color temperature Most people only consider when buying a light source illumination, with little regard for color temperature. In general indoor lighting, the main source for the cool colors, the auxiliary light source should be as warm. In addition, the use of the room, the den, living room, kitchen, etc. should adopt the cool light source, while the bedroom, bathroom, balcony and so should adopt the warm light. ? Bedside lamp fluorescent display 9 bedside lamp fluorescent display People always like to place a fluorescent lamp on the nightstand, not knowing that lights seem warm, but it has the disadvantage of strobe, and use over time, it might send a buzzed sound. In this environment, reading, playing computer, etc., harm the human body, such as vision loss, dizziness, insomnia. ? Tunable light source brightness to the maximum total Because any time brighten and dim according to different needs, tunable light source by many people of all ages. But many families long accustomed to the brightness to maximum, it will greatly shorten the life of the light source. Adjustable brightness light source is preferably controlled at 60% -80%, the maximum brightness is best controlled at about 90%. Because from the naked eye, the brightness to 90% and 100% adjusted to almost no difference, but it can extend the life of the light source. ? TV wall side lights 10 TV wall side lights ? Some families will be installed in the side of the TV wall lighting, or turn on the TV while watching TV wall side lighting, it will affect the audio-visual experience, it is not conducive to eye health. It should be on both sides of the seat design wall lamp, table lamp or floor lamp, bright watching television when the best 50% of the normal brightness. ? Buy bulbs also depends on the color temperature ? How to avoid home improvement lamps “light pollution”, to improve indoor visual environment? ? Wu Wei believes, one should pay attention to rational interior lighting design, such as attention to color coordinate lighting, avoid glare, choose a smaller impact on the eye color, avoid direct light to the human eye, etc; on the other hand, consumers should also enhance About lighting design concepts, buy big brands, high quality lighting products, design a healthy home environment pollution. ? Wu Wei remind consumers to buy light, not only to consider the illumination, that is, we often say that the wattage, but also learn to consider the color temperature. ? Regular manufacturers of light bulbs will be marked on the package color temperature, color temperature commonly used mainly 2700K, which is the most common incandescent lamp, which is characterized by a warm feeling of light, but not bright enough for the bedroom bed, wall lamps and other local lighting ; 3000K, the color temperature is more natural, are warm light, the light is both warm and bright, suitable for home overall lighting design; 4000K, is neutral white, cool shade belong to, people can concentrate, suitable for office learning and other places. If you do not identify the color temperature of the light source package, you do not belong to the regular products, be sure not to buy. ? Because there is a guard lights, home is a warm haven. Heart of the city, no matter how busy, to see for himself within the window lit the lamp, and the heart will have to rely on sustenance. Light is colorful, the lighting their own, creating a different effect at home, we should not only pay attention to interior design with beauty, but also for their own health point of a lamp, because we are open that lamp is lit at the same time there are family care.
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