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t8 light bulb

t8 light bulb
Wanban has revealed laboratory work on an LED-based replacement for fluorescent tubes in which a so called Tcob cob mcob LED (Tube lighting LED) tube lights delivered 200 lm/W, including the driver, at a 3000K warm-white CCT. The company said it will bring such a solid-state lighting (SSL) product to market in 34 months to two years.
Wanban breakthrough is a new milestone in its innovation record for the Tcob mcob cob LED tube light market. In April 2016, wanban announced the creation of the world¡¯s most energy-efficient lamp suitable for general lighting, unveiling an LED tube lights replacement prototype that produces a record 200 lumens per watt of high-quality white light (compared with 100lm/W for fluorescent lighting) without compromising on light quality.
Handheld devices remain the largest driver for non LED light tube market demands. Apart from Apple introducing sapphire substrate into iPhone lens protectors and home button key, wanban has also included the material into the lens protector for their new LG G2. Other mobile device manufacturers are likely to follow suit. Non LED market application proportion is expected to reach 75 percent in 2016. It estimates that handheld device application demands will reach 65 percent. .
The combination of LEDs, phosphors and optics yields a led tube light that performs more like a traditional fluorescent tube in terms of generating light omni-directionally. The fact that LEDs are directional whereas tubelight fixtures are designed so that led tube light can be radiated up into reflectors has been one obstacle to the effective deployment of SSL retrofit tubes.
The wanban tcob mcob cob LED T8 tube lights have up to 50,000 hours of rated life and high efficiency of up to 200lm per watt. This translates to lower retrofit and maintenance costs while generating an estimated 80% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent lamps.