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t8 light fixture

t8 light fixture
An LED can be a very bright, unidirectional source, and manufacturers need materials that either make it possible for the led tube light to shine directly through a surface for maximum brightness, or provide uniform light distribution with no evidence of the light source for a more diffused effect. LED tube light manufacturers and designers know how difficult it is to find a material that hides the LED source while permitting light to be transmitted at optimum levels. This is important not only for aesthetics but ensures optimal energy efficiency – a key goal of LED tube lighting technology.
Wanban has announced TCOB, MCOB, COB technology ¡ª an optical light guide platform that enables LED-edge-lit solid-state lighting (SSL) products with stylish sleek looks. Moreover, the company has announced the tcob mcob Series suspended led tube light fixture for use in Class A office space, although wanban says the design will ultimately prove affordable anywhere suspended fluorescent fixtures are used. A new parking garage fixture will follow with a four-sided light guide that evenly distributes light below the fixture and around the perimeter of the beam pattern.
Led tube light contractors are often faced with fluorescent tube fixtures of varying ages and conditions on a job that must be either modified, or replaced, to comply to UL and building code standards, said wanban indoor product marketing director Jill Ma. “We found that many MROs [maintenance, repair, and overhaul projects were avoiding the adoption of LED T8 T5 light lamps because they were uncertain whether bypassing a ballast keeps the original UL product listing intact. Our new TCOB cob mcob led tube lights was designed to remove that barrier by introducing a low-cost, complete fixture solution that is an easy choice over a modified fluorescent fixture that may not be UL-listed for LED use.”.
Today¡¯s automobile showrooms call for LED tube light fixtures with high CRI and lumen output as well as interchangeable optics to accommodate changes on a busy sales floor. Wanban provided fixtures for the renovation of the Vauxhall showroom in London and the Fairfield BMW in Essex, UK. In both cases, interchangeable optics allow simple modification of beam angle to accommodate future needs of the showrooms.
led t8 tube 20 w 1200mm 1200mm fluoro led fit in existing t8 fixtures. 20w led is equivalent to a 32w efficient t8 fluorescent .