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t8 lighting

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t8 lighting
LED tube lights lamp shipments in China is expected to reach 700 million, a penetration rate of 9.74%
Tube lighting led fluorescent lamp tubes Review: According to industry analysts, the Chinese LED industry investment in the next year cost recovery period is expected to be reduced to less than three years, shipments of LED tube lights is expected to reach 380 million and a penetration rate of 9.74%.
In the field of lighting,except the high demand of led light bulbs, the led fluorescent tube light lamp is also a very huge amount to be demanded, with a total of about 4 billion, of which the top three markets are ranked as mainland China, the United States and Europe.
From the fluorescent lamp application, there are about 9 percent of the led tube lights are mainly used in supermarket chains,stores and shops,offices buildings or plants.As the led tube light lamp price is still at a high level,and its specification is keeping updating, there should be different lamps for different places, for example£¬the places like aisles and elevators have little visitors flow rate,so these places should be emphsized on saving energy and bills, On the contrary, the places like rest rooms or shopping malls should pay close core on the color temperature value and atmosphere creating.
LED tube lights lamps mainly target at replaccing the traditional fluorescent tubes lamp, and the existing T8 lights and T5 lamps are have a luminous efficiency 70lm per watt, 90lm per watt to 120lm per watt, relatively, LED tubes lamp luminous efficiency in mass production early in 2013 already reached 160lm per watt, the annual amount of production capacity reached 200lm per watt in 2014, which is 2 times higher than that of T8 lamps and T5 lights , so there is incentive to make the consumers to change into LED tubes t5 t8.
However, the price is still a key factor to decide if the consumers are willing to remain the t5 t8 lights or change LED tubes lights t8 t5.In the countries with high electricity bills, a led tube light priced at $ 30 can get a fastest total payback in a period of 2 years, whihc is estimated that the 2014 brands-factory 4 foot led tube light average priced at about $ 27. In general, if the total investment costs can be repaid less than in 3 years (within), the led tube light users will have a higher willingness to replace as LED tube lights from fluorescent tubes.
Although gradually the focus on redecorating and preference to use a sense of the planar light source design is becoming more and more vital, while in the primary period of led tube light replacement, consumers can save a large amount of bill in replacement of led tube lights in a way of renovating, that’s the reason that many places that have installed with fluorescent tubes lights like t5 t8 lamps or long time lighting needed, which are expected a total shipment over 700 million pcs with a penetration rate of 9.74% this year in the whole world, according to the renovating demand of the existing led tube lights analysis.
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