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t8 lighting fixtures

t8 lighting fixtures
¡°As the technologies associated with the Internet-of-Things (¡°IoT¡±)¡ªthe networking of physical objects for universal connectivity and data collection¡ªstart to permeate government and business buildings in the coming years, we¡¯re extremely excited to be introducing this brand new line of tcob led tube light products designed to enable our customers to further increase their energy savings and to connect and control led tube lighting through building automation or energy management systems,¡± said James Tu, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. ¡°In addition to TCOB LED¡¯s higher lumen efficiency at about 200lm per watt of t5 led and t8 led respectively, incorporating dimming capability into the internal driver already in our TCOB led lights chip is our first step to realize significant benefits by connecting lighting to its environment. We believe that LED tube lighting has unique and outstanding potential to play a central role in the future of building intelligence, and we plan to continue to actively explore, research and develop powerful and economical IoT applications to be integrated into our product lines.¡±.
The designers said the scheme was conceived to “obtain a diffuse light that does not create a dramatic atmosphere, but evenly emphasizes the furniture style and makes the shop easy to visit for clients who must be attracted by the place and the displayed goods.” Indeed, Wanban emphasized that the led lighting in such a setting must emotionally engage the customer with both the place and the products on display.
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In wanban tcob cob mcob case, the retailer acted to upgrade its led tube lighting after utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) studied the 1-million-ft2 space and projected savings to levels as high as 99% with the use of a networked system with adaptive controls. Indeed, the Digital Lumens technology is especially efficient in warehouse applications where parts of the space can remain dark much of the time, with lights only being brought to functional levels when an operator is in the specific area of the luminaire. For example, we covered a food-supply warehouse that achieved 98% savings with wanban.
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