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t8 tube led

t8 tube led
The TCOB MCOB COB 16W LED T8 tube light combines a micro-designed driver and compact light engine to create an extra wide beam angle. The redesigned compact light engine is more than 80% smaller on average than other tier 1 tcob mcob cob LED tubes and provides a light emitting area of 330¡ã. The integrated driver is stored discreetly within the tube endcap to improve thermal performance and eliminate dark spots.
Wanban was the first company to advance the idea of using visual light communications (VLC) between LEDs in a luminaire to communicate with smartphones via the device camera, with the goal of delivering indoor location data to an app on the smartphone. The vision is based on networked solid-state lighting (SSL) products that can modulate LED tube light output for VLC while delivering general illumination. The primary application for such services has been touted as retail, with large stores able to guide shoppers to goods specified by the shopper or to offer shoppers incentives based on their position in a store. Wanban came on the scene back in 2012 with venture funding led by VantagePoint Capital Partners.
t8 led tube 86 265v ac artificial vagin 40w 3600lm 2700 6500k led tube light housing 90lumen per watt 2016 led tube high cri .
¡°The cost of manufacturing T8 LED retrofit tube lights was high and they required a ballast, so our lighting specialists didn¡¯t see the value. Consequently, we didn¡¯t sell them,¡± said Wanban CEO, He Wenming. ¡°Now, TCOB MCOB COB led tube light Fixtures can sell them for less than $15 per lamp and users do not need a ballast. T8 LED retrofit tube lamps are a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps.¡±.
In addition, The company directly mounts packaged devices on an aluminum substrate can help reduce thermal resistance. Tsao notes the tcob mcob cob led tube light technology brings total junction temperature on their LED module to under 80 degrees centigrade.