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t8 tube light

t8 tube light
The TCOB MCOB COB line of LED tube light lamps include the “award winning” T5, T8, T10, T12, Flat Panel Lighting, T8 led tube lights and the versatile options in Wanban and tube Lights complete the company’ vast array of indoor and outdoor lighting that will be on display. Its products can seamlessly be integrated in a customer’s current system while substantially decreasing their energy use and maintenance costs.
tcob and cob t8 microwave radar ebay led tube lighting vast export light control radar led tube light with ce rohs certified .
superior materials hot sell 3 5 years warranty lightmcob rubycon saa customize 2ft 10w t8 led tube light .
With several advantages, the T8, t5, tcob, cob, mcob series of led tube light is long lifetime, luminous efficacy and reduces environmental pollution. These products are excellent for indoor, architectural, flood, and mood lighting. It uses 10 watts of power and has a luminous flux (lm) of as much as 950 lumens. Consumers can choose models that have bright 6000K color temperature (950 lm), softer 4000K CCT (810 lm), or softer 3000K CCT (750 lm). In terms of 20 watts of power, it delivers 2500 lumens in 6000K color temperature, 4000 lumens in 4000K and 2300 lumens in 3000K. .
Wanban said that the warp and strip segments each account for about 35% of the installed base of led fluorescent tube fixtures. The industrial low-bay segment adds another 40%. wanban said the total potential replacement market is in the “100’s of million led tube lights luminaires.”.