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Technical Problems of Lighting Power Saver

China’s various high and low voltage levels, so all kinds of lighting in the design, in order to meet their own in different circumstances can be normal start and light, the design voltage is generally lower than the standard phase voltage 220V; the power system to facilitate energy transmission often Improve the transmission voltage, resulting in the actual working voltage lighting lamps high. These excess voltages not only do not allow lamps to work more efficiently, there are two major negative effects: a waste of energy and shorten lamp life.

First, the lighting Power Saver Why can energy-saving?

The 21st century is an era of energy scarcity, electricity began to truly become a veritable “electric tiger.” And 20% of the current electricity – 35% is wasted.

One reason: In the power supply system, in order to avoid the transmission line loss and the peak voltage caused by the end of the voltage is too low, often with a higher voltage transmission. Beyond the rated voltage of electrical equipment, lighting fixtures will eventually lead to increased operating temperature, shortened life expectancy, increased energy consumption.

Second reason: the user’s load on the three-phase distribution of unbalanced, making the reactive power loss increases, the assessment of the power supply business reactive power increases.

The third reason: electricity lines with a large number of inductive load (such as motors, high pressure sodium lamp, etc.), the system power factor is low, making the line loss increases.

Four reasons: the system due to internal and external environmental impact, there are high harmonics, making the operation of equipment overheating, energy consumption increased meter over-measurement.

Second, what is the lighting Power Saver?

Lighting Power Saver is a microcomputer as the control core, the use of advanced electromagnetic voltage regulation and electronic sensing technology, real-time monitoring and tracking of power supply, automatically and smoothly adjust the circuit voltage and current amplitude, improve lighting circuit imbalance load brought about Increase power factor, reduce the operating temperature of lamps and lines, so as to achieve optimal power supply, extend the life of electrical appliances and save electricity for the dual purpose.

Third, why should we use the lighting Power Saver?

In a typical power supply system, the power and lighting system voltages are taken from the output busbars of a transformer. If the starting of the power equipment is taken into account and the rated voltage is reached at the peak of the power consumption, the transformer output voltage must be higher than the rated value . However, the terminal voltage of the power supply system is generally higher than the rated value when the motor has finished starting or when a level peak is used. Lighting Power Saver to the lighting system voltage for the second optimal treatment, the lighting system work in the optimal state.

Fourth, energy-saving lighting equipment for lighting range?

Inductive HID lamps and fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and other parts of the inductive gas discharge lamps.

5. What is HID light?

HID lamp full name for the high intensity discharge lamp (HID), composed of starters and bulbs for large area and outdoor lighting, the lamp pressure is often more than 10 atmospheric pressure, high Intensity gas discharge lamp, high and low pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, in which the luminous efficiency of high pressure mercury lamp can reach 50lmw, the color rendering index is over 65, the color temperature is 4000K – 6000K, life is about 10000h, the power specification forms 35W ~ 3500W series. High-pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency of 120lmw color rendering index of 25, life expectancy can reach 24000h, specifications are 30W ~ 1000W, and metal halide light effect is able to issue close to white artificial light source in the highest.

6, why some lamps to install the capacitor?

Inductive lighting fixtures operating power factor is usually between 0.4 — 0.5, power factor is too low will cause a significant increase in apparent current transmission line losses increase in the design of power lines need to increase the capacity specifications, increase investment. Installing a capacitor increases the lighting system power factor and reduces line losses.

7, HID lamps why should warm-up time (Kai-hui time)?

HID bulb in the start of 3 — 5 minutes, must be full power to work, otherwise there will be early lamp black phenomenon, affecting lamp life. Lighting Power Saver Microcomputer for intelligent control, full-voltage output when Kaihui, to ensure reliable operation of lighting systems.

8, what places should use the lighting Power Saver?

1, enterprise factory, workshop production equipment lighting

2, buildings, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, all kinds of shopping malls, supermarket lighting

3, large public places, airport Hou machine building, railway station, bus station, ship terminal lighting

4, intelligent commercial and residential area, underground parking and other types of building interior lighting

9, the use of lighting Power Saver can get what effect?

The use of lighting Saver can achieve the triple sense of energy saving:

1, direct electricity savings of 20% or more.

2, to protect and extend lamp life up to 4 times, save money, the equivalent of energy.

3, due to the lighting Power Saver to optimize the voltage to extend the life of energy-saving lamps. Users can boldly use energy-saving lamps, to solve the energy-saving lamps “energy-saving section of money” problem. To achieve a further energy saving.

How can the effect of lighting Saver be verified?

Any one user can own the meter reading on the use of lighting to find Saver, a substantial reduction in electricity. Really be able to see energy-saving! Use a period of time, you will find that the lamps do not have to be replaced frequently! Greatly reducing the lighting system maintenance labor costs and costs.

11, the voltage level of the effect of energy-saving lighting Saver?

Grid voltage higher than normal, the greater the energy saving space, you can get the higher energy-saving rate.

12, energy-saving rate and those factors?

Saving rate and lighting system voltage, line structure, the quality of light bulbs, the aging of the bulb, ballast performance, lighting, environmental control requirements and other factors.

13, why the power supply voltage is high?

In the power supply supply process, in order to avoid the power transmission line in the process of loss, will be higher voltage transmission to ensure that the electrical equipment to reach the rated voltage. So the user will bear the actual voltage higher than the rated voltage of lighting equipment or equipment. In particular, when power is present in the building, the output voltage of the power transformer is about 10% higher than the rated value. As the power supply system peak power consumption, resulting in lower end-user voltage, in order to ensure peak power system can work, the transformer output voltage design value is higher than the electrical rating.

14, the high voltage of the harm is?

The higher voltage not only can not let the load equipment work more effectively, but is the main reason which causes the equipment fever and the premature damage. Higher voltages also generate unnecessary electricity bills and shorten the negative effects of lamp and equipment life. So that motor wear and tear, lighting equipment life significantly reduced. And many long-term work in the lighting system over-voltage state, making energy-saving lamps shortened life expectancy, resulting in energy saving lamps do not save money phenomenon.

15, what is the optimal lighting system work?

At present, the high luminous efficiency of cold light sources such as fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps are widely used, the life of fluorescent lamps, the relationship between illumination and voltage, lamp voltage over-voltage 10%, lamp life doubled, lamp voltage 90% Life expectancy doubled, the illumination reduced by 7%, at this time and over-voltage 10% life extension compared to 4 times. And the illuminance value compared with the rated state of only 7% attenuation, the human eye on the light perception in a logarithmic relationship, that is: 10 times the light intensity increases, people can feel the brightness doubled, and light intensity reduction of 7% The human eye is difficult to detect. So the lamp voltage is 90% rated, does not affect the lighting quality. When the lamp voltage is 90% of the rated value, it is the optimum lighting voltage.

16, lighting Power Saver is how it works?

Lighting Power Saver is an intelligent device, it is different from the general transformer, is also different from the general regulator.

Power supply to the lighting power P1, if you do not install the lighting Saver, P1 completely consumed in the lamps and lanterns. Lamp luminous part of the energy of P2, the other part of the energy ΔP is heating, P1 = P2 + ΔP, ΔP loss of lamp life. Lighting Power Saver contains a single piece of micro-computer, intelligent analysis and decision-making, the output of a most suitable lighting voltage lighting, lighting Saver will only supply P2 lamps. While the excess heat energy ΔP1 back to the power supply. ΔP is the saved electric power. ΔP is dynamic with the grid voltage changes, but the power saver output power P2 is indeed constant. For different power lamps, lighting Saver automatically select an optimal lighting power P2 output.

Seventeen, why the lighting Power Saver and transformers, regulators different?

Transformer is a voltage into another fixed voltage electrical equipment, there is no voltage regulator function. Lighting Power Saver has a regulator function, but also different from the general regulator. The general regulator only outputs one electric appliance rated voltage, can not carry on the analysis and the optimized control to the load. Lighting Power Saver both voltage regulator function, but also on the load of intelligent energy-saving and extend the life of electrical control.

At home and abroad to regulate the power supply, voltage regulator of the equipment has several of the most commonly used methods:

A method is to use a servo with a carbon brush with the auto-regulator, the brush with the load current conditions, frequent movement, resulting in short arc life of the equipment, the need for regular maintenance, reliable Sex is poor.

2, another regulator, regulator method is: the use of power electronic devices constitute the SCR device. This kind of equipment is inexpensive, can not withstand the surge voltage or transient large load impact. At the same time produce a large number of harmonic pollution power grids, so that fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps kept flashing, seriously impair the lamp life, reduce lighting quality.

3, there is a power saver on the grid without harmonic interference, surge voltage surge and transient load resistance to strong impact, the main circuit does not contain any electronic devices and contact points, does not contain any rotating body and brush , High reliability, making the output current of the lighting saver is continuous. Such as the “Dr. Paul” NE series of intelligent lighting control devices as the representative of the product.

Lighting Power Saver is a high reliability secondary power supply equipment.

18, lighting Saver compared with similar products at home and abroad What are the characteristics?

1, the use of the latest microcomputer digital control technology, intelligent analysis of the lighting system processing, the output voltage is most suitable for lighting the lighting, lighting control to achieve optimal control.

2, the use of non-phase control technology, does not produce high-order harmonics, voltage harmonic net smooth, no damage on the grid.

3, the main circuit does not contain any electronic devices and contact points, surge voltage and instant strong impact load capacity. Stable operation and high reliability.

4, the installation of flexible, easy access. Do not change the user’s electricity habits. Saving effect is significant, to extend the service life of 1-3 times, greatly reducing maintenance costs and reduce maintenance workload.

5, the main circuit without any electronic components.

6, safe operation, stable and reliable, stable work 24 hours.

7, no harmonic generation, no impact on the power grid.

8, can be used in the compensation capacitor circuit.

9, in the high power factor can also be a normal power-saving.

10, according to the user’s actual situation, installation is simple, automatic power-saving, without debugging, no special operation and management.

led tube light fixture
11, energy-saving effect can be checked immediately.

12, do not change the control of the original state of the line, do not change the user’s habits and use of electricity.

13, according to user requirements when adding control, light control, latitude and longitude control.

14, up to 10 years of service life, long-term benefit.

19, lighting Saver how to install and operate?

The device is stable and reliable operation, installation and commissioning is simple, easy access, do not change the user habits of electricity saving effect is significant, to extend lamp and equipment life, reduce maintenance costs, greatly reducing maintenance workload.

Installation Notes:

1, the existing power supply wires in the lighting distribution box on the terminal connected to the terminal connected to the power saver.

2. The output terminal of the lighting saver is connected to the output terminal in the distribution box.

3, access to zero and ground.

4, work, close the lighting of the power line into the line switch and the output switch, the system automatically put into operation. The green indicator on the control panel lights to indicate that it is working properly.

5, when the lighting Saver failure, the system will automatically turn into bypass operation in time, the power supply system will work properly, this time lighting Saver no longer continue to function, waiting for maintenance.

20, how to select different energy-saving products for users of models, specifications?

According to the maximum working load to determine the specifications of the lighting saver.

Generally according to the user power distribution system in a lighting circuit selection of a Saver to consider. The closer the load measurement, the better, the product capacity is also small. The capacity is based on the maximum working load of each lighting circuit and takes into account a certain power reserve (typically 20% increase)

Twenty-one, equipment installation precautions?

1, the production and installation of equipment basis.

2, trunking box and buried protection tube production and installation.

3, equipment protection grounding should be reliable.

4, according to “product manual” for wiring. Wiring should pay attention to maintain the original phase sequence.

22, the common fault treatment?

1, the equipment work for some time after the open space on the jump, mostly for the transport process caused by loosening a loop screw.

2, a power transmission equipment to open on the jump, short circuit fault within or outside. Treatment: split method that first external load removal to see if the power can be, such as to explain the external short-circuit fault, such as can not be further divided, the special transformer wiring removed to see if the power can be, if that can be a dedicated transformer Short-circuit fault, replace the special transformer.

3, the device output voltage is abnormal, the device output voltage can not be adjusted according to the corresponding settings. Should check whether the normal work of AC contactor; control transformer voltage is normal, such as the normal computer control box that may be faulty, notify the responsible department for maintenance.

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