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The advantages and disadvantages of LED energy – saving lamps and energy – saving side

Led energy-saving lamp products, the advantages for consumers to understand the advantages of LED energy-saving lamps, shortcomings and what? Deep breathing LED lighting 11 for your explanation:


1, energy-efficient: the same brightness comparison, 3W LED energy-saving lamps 333 hours consumption of 1 kWh, while the ordinary 60W incandescent 17 hours consumption of 1 kWh, ordinary 5W 200 hours of energy-saving lamp consumption of 1 kWh.

2, long life: the semiconductor chip light, no filament, no glass bubble, not afraid of vibration, not broken, the service life of up to 50,000 hours (ordinary incandescent life of only 1,000 hours, ordinary energy-saving lamp life of only eight Thousand hours)

3, health: light health with ultraviolet light and infrared light less, resulting in less radiation (ordinary light containing ultraviolet light and infrared)

4, green: non-mercury and xenon and other harmful elements, conducive to recovery, ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead and other elements.

5, to protect vision: DC drive, no strobe (ordinary lights are AC drive, it must produce strobe)

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6, high light efficiency: CREE company’s laboratory has reached the highest luminous efficiency 260lm W, while the market for single high-power LED has also exceeded 100lm W, made of LED energy-saving lamps, power efficiency losses, shade light Pass loss, the actual luminous efficiency of 60lm W, while the incandescent lamp is only about 15lm W, good quality energy-saving lamps in 60lm W or so, in general, LED energy-saving lamps and energy efficiency is now flat or slightly superior . (Data for May 2011)

7, high safety factor: the required voltage, current smaller, security risks, such as mines and other dangerous places

8, the market potential: low-voltage, DC power supply, batteries, solar power, in remote mountain areas and field lighting, power shortage, less electric places.


1, LED energy-saving lamps light effect is still not high, today’s LED energy-saving light efficiency in general 60-70lm W, as a new generation of light source, LED energy-saving light effect if 120lm W, then LED lamps Of the spring.

2, LED energy-saving lamps, the need for the corresponding radiator in the LED chip itself, no significant improvement in heat conditions, the need for the structure of the radiator, heat pipe technology applications, the further development.

3, LED energy-saving lamps, the price is too high, LED monomer prices, aluminum radiator, high efficiency constant current power supply, high transmittance soft shade, the four cost to push up the collective cost of LED.

4, color rendering index is not high, most of the energy-saving LED color rendering index did not have 80, compared to energy-saving lamps, there are gaps.

5, LED light will work for a long time to cause aging. Therefore, led energy-saving lamps now, can already be used as downlights, spotlights, chandeliers used, but if you want to replace large-scale energy-saving lamps LED energy-saving lamps, still need LED energy saving lamp itself, with overwhelming advantage.

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