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the citys public building energy-saving transformation of the effectiveness of significant work

This year, the city vigorously carry out energy-saving renovation of public buildings in the new public buildings in the mandatory promotion of energy consumption monitoring system at the same time, both public building energy-saving transformation has also achieved good economic and social benefits.

This reporter learned that this year’s public building energy-saving renovation is different from previous years, focusing on the transformation of government investment projects, developed to the grassroots, renewable energy applications and public welfare, demonstration projects tilt support policies. Statistics show that, as of now, this year the city has organized the implementation of Jinan Foreign Language School, calendar building, Shandong Management College Changqing campus, Zhangqiu radio and television office 23 public building energy-saving projects, transformation area of ​​317,000 square meters, Saving 2041.46 tons of standard coal. Among them, the Jinan Foreign Language School for the city’s first primary and secondary school renovation project, but also provincial and municipal construction departments to jointly promote the focus of demonstration projects.

Provincial and municipal building energy – saving demonstration project – Jinan Foreign Language School

Located in flyover area demonstration Road 23, Jinan Foreign Language School junior high school in recent years, the city’s first primary and secondary public buildings energy-saving renovation project, is the most complete transformation of the current public buildings, after 35 days of construction, the project passed the medium-term Review, and in September formally entered the operational phase. Recently, the reporter learned from the relevant person in charge of the school learned that the implementation of energy-saving transformation, the school building energy consumption decreased by 16.05%, is expected to save 99.42 tons of standard coal.

Short time to complete the transformation of ten days 35

the citys public building energy-saving transformation of the effectiveness of significant work

It is understood that the foreign language school’s energy-saving renovation project took only 35 days, compared with other body mass, with the contents of the public reconstruction project shortened by nearly two-thirds of the duration. The reason, instead of choosing a new exterior insulation materials are not unrelated. Miao Cuiqiang, vice president told reporters that taking into account the implementation of transformation can only be used in summer time, so the school chose a new type of decorative insulation board integration of the outer envelope structure system transformation.

According to the name of Insulation Engineering Co., Ltd. Wei Hong introduced four, the company produced the external wall insulation system will rock (mine) cotton, inorganic foam insulation materials such as organic combination of decorative plates, with the past that The first kind of paste the insulation layer and then wipe the facade decoration and then compared to the transformation, eliminating the need for a lot of complex processes, but also greatly shortened the duration.

Reporters in school to see, just carried out energy-saving campus a new look, red and white teaching building hanging in the contents of the transformation of the introduction of large and small fractional over more than ten items.

Miao Cuiqiang said, in addition to external wall insulation system, the school will also be teaching building outside the window into a pvc plastic insulating glass windows, and the installation of daylight-oriented external shade curtains; heating ventilation transformation, the school in the existing air conditioning The addition of the induction controller, to achieve the purpose of energy saving; lighting system will be the classroom of the existing 900 40w straight tube fluorescent tubes replaced with straight led lights, and in the school book room additional lighting infrared sensor control Renewable energy use, the school building in the teaching building on the 4th of the photovoltaic power plant installed in the school library conference table above the installation of three light pipe, and the campus of the solar street lighting transformation. Details of multi-section

Can raise awareness from childhood

Interview, the reporter learned that the Jinan Foreign Language School built earlier years, the external walls of the roof insulation, insulation function is seriously inadequate, some of the teaching building aluminum windows because of the use of a long time, the deformation of the sash and other reasons led to poor sealing, and aluminum The high thermal conductivity of the alloy window makes the winter insulation performance significantly lower. In addition, there are two buildings at the end of the heating pipeline, the heating effect of the winter has been unsatisfactory.

“For these reasons, we decided to implement energy-saving transformation.” Miao Cuiqiang said that with the arrival of the heating season, the effect of energy-saving transformation is gradually reflected. “School wall with a 60mm thick polystyrene board, roof 50mm thick extruded polystyrene board, heating room temperature after the start than before 3-5 ℃.

In addition to the above transformation project, the school also conducted some minor energy-saving “minor surgery”, building a 25-ton solar student bathroom, the implementation of the color bin management system, and teaching area, office pilot launched the “green Bank “recycling activities. Students will promote the meaning and social benefits of waste separation and recycle through class meetings and group courses, and advocate students to make a real contribution to protecting the environment and conserving resources from their own side

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