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When the LED business is no longer a fragrant lighting cake, how will the led lights companies face up to?
tubes, led, lamps, lights, lighting, fluorescent, t5, t8, t10, t12, reviews, company, business, companies, factory, supplier, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, Abstract: Reporter Statistics found that as the LED industry “main force” of listed companies, the situation is not optimistic. According to the first quarter of 2016 listed companies to disclose data, most companies net profit a downward trend.
Li Wei still remember the scene in 2009 to enter the LED industry when. He was a company registered in Shenzhen, sell the upstream raw material phosphor LED product because good prices, high profits, he bought a year or two cars and house. But this year, business is obviously not as good as before, his mind from LED to equity investments.
Reporters Statistics found that as the LED industry “main force” of listed companies, the situation is not optimistic. According to the first quarter of 2016 listed companies to disclose data, most companies net profit a downward trend.
Behind the downturn in the industry, a number of LED listed companies start “faithless”, no longer focus on the LED industry, but crossed the border into things, the media, education and sports sectors.
Emerging industrial change “traditional industries”?
Joint construction of photovoltaic has has acquired six Internet media and outdoor advertising company; the real benefits of last year’s 635 million yuan acquisition of three advertising companies, and renamed the “Maida number” complete transformation.
Wanban Opto-electronic 2015 invested 45 million yuan shares Diener Science and Technology in 2016 and plans to invest 30 million yuan shares beads aviation school car, cut vehicle networking industry. Late last year, Wanban Opto-electronic capital and the Nine camp, day Sheng Yunding, co-founded the East Fang Yunding networked car fund, the scale of 800 million yuan, the proposed means of professional investors, speed up the layout of vehicle networking, car networking to build LED + “Dual-ecological” .
After accelerate the pace of transformation, “photovoltaic”, “lighting” These words began to be discarded. Lehman photoelectric transformation to fit the needs, simply change the Ming Leiman Shares: rectangular lighting illumination is removed the word, into rectangular groups.
“LED industry declining corporate profits, while listing assets are growing, in which acquisitions asset restructuring is particularly evident.” The Secretary-General LED Professional Committee of Guangdong Province, Guo Xiu said that like most industries, after years of rapid LED develop slowly from the beginning of the high-profit industry back on track, this is a mature industry, a necessary stage transparent.
Those LED company to do education, culture media, as do the LED display is already saturated. When no new listed company profit growth point, with the acquisition of other businesses ways to transition, such as Lehman to sports direction, the joint construction to advertising media direction.
“LED competitive situation can not be avoided at this stage fall into a price war, the majority of large enterprises only value of mergers and expansion epitaxial path to follow.” Dengkai Min said.
Where is the opportunity in the industry?
For listed companies and other large-scale enterprises, the competition between each other is not technology, but the test of overall strength. Such as mergers and acquisitions to enhance the strength of the company, relying on the power of capital; listed company may also be to reduce costs through the channels and scale.
Huawei, ZTE, millet and other technology giants have announced to enter the field of intelligent lighting; Osram although stripped of lower-margin general lighting business, but five years ago aiming LED lighting control solutions, has acquired a sophisticated lighting control software systems for commercial buildings the Encelium technology companies.
“In the development mode, LED companies are no longer confined to the factory from the sale of self-style, but continue to emerge out of cross-border cooperation, Baotuan sharing, resource integration and other new marketing model.” Dengkai Min said that the future of LED industry will not longer go it alone “price war”, but to enter the combination of composite development.
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