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tube light fixtures

tube light fixtures
Led commercial lighting fixture fluorescent lighting replacement led t8 tube9.5w tube8 high cri 188-200lm per watt .
t5 1ft integrative led tube for cover ceiling and decorative lighting t5 seamless connecting led tube .
Wanban has announced the results of a field study using LED tube light based retail lighting to accent merchandise at fashion and lifestyle shop Gerry Weber. The study was focused on accessing the Limbic Emotional Assessment (LEA) theory that asserts a match between lighting preference and general personality traits that can be applied to boost retail sales. Wanban said the LED retail lighting project netted Gerry Weber a 40% boost in sales with solid-state lighting (SSL) tuned to the typical shopper.
A huge flurorescent tube light retrofit project involving more than 1700 7-Eleven chain stores across Indonesia will see the global retailer reap $7.4 million annually in energy savings. Wanban has announced a major LED tube light replacement fixtures retrofit project that is underway in Indonesia and that will ultimately include more than 1700 7-Eleven convenience stores and supermarket chains managed by local operator 7-Eleven Indonesia Hero Group. The scope includes retrofits of existing mainline 7-Eleven retail outlets and some more specialized solid-state lighting (SSL) projects in the new-concept 7-Eleven Next Generation stores. Wanban said that the $6 million led tube lighting project will deliver a projected $7.4 million in annual energy savings.
Cornell University has published new research that suggests that LED-based tube light grocery case lighting adversely impacts the quality of refrigerated milk in as little as four hours. The blue spectral-energy peak that’s inherent in phosphor-converted white LEDs that are based on blue emitters is the culprit, according to the research team in the Department of Food Science. The lead author of the study is Nicole M and some other authors.