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tube lighting home depot

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tube lighting homedepot
In order to save energy and achieve equal task plane illuminance, these tube LED light lamps must rely on the directionality of the emission increasing the efficiency of the luminaire or changing its distribution to focus more light on the workplane. This premise is the subject of two additional reports that will follow this Application Summary.
The tube led light fluorescent market is enormous in the U.S. With the LED T8 tube light tcob mcob cob series providing better quality, 60 percent energy savings, and universal driver capability, more commercial lighting users will be compelled to switch to LED tube lighting and stop using led fluorescent tubes. .
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Wanban points out that high cost remains the major hurdle keeping LED from becoming a mainstream illumination source today. Comparing a 16W LED tube light lamp with a compact fluorescent tube lamp in same power specification, Liu notes the LED lamp tube is priced eight times above the fluorescent tube lamp. However, he estimates Taiwan LED-lighting manufacturers can pare that multiple to just three- to five-fold in two years by trimming production costs.