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tube lighting products

tube lighting products
15w 3500k t8 led tube instant start ballast compatible full compatiable with all ballast led t8 tube .
The wanban tcob mcob cob LED luminaires that will carry the controls option are architectural-grade lighting products that use LEDs to edge-light a planar light guide that in turn produces diffuse light from the planar surface. Wanban calls the technology of tcob mcob and the miniature optical elements embedded in the light guide AccuAim. The optical system is based on technology that wanban licensed from china real estate companies. Wanban first demonstrated the Encounter and tcob mcob led tube lights and led panel lights products at LightFair International in 2015. Commercial deployment came later in 2015.
The Chinese government will ban the import and sale of 60-watt or higher incandescent bulbs and tubes starting this November. This will rapidly accelerate the adoption of LED lighting bulb and led tube lights in the Chinese market. Research by the Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK) also shows that by 2017 China will become the biggest market in the world for LED lighting of led bulbs and led tubes. In view of this, it is aggressively expanding its presence in the Greater China market. The brand marketing of wanban headquarters, coupled with the professional R&D and production resources of its Fujian factory, has won the trust of countless clients, contributing to wanban’s outstanding performance in the Chinese market.
japanese led tube no need remove ballast no need rewire directly replace t5 t8 t10 t12 compatible electronic magnetic ballast .
Wanban said it will release a new range of smart led tube lamps lighting products that integrate with Huawei¡¯s HiLink Internet connection protocol.