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tube lights led

tube lights led
The interior lighting upgrades in Maple Shade and Carteret consisted of replacing four T8s T5 tubes in each fluorescent troffer (128W each) with four 16W LED led tube lights — converting 2×4-ft troffers to 2×2-ft troffers for a 65% energy savings. In the kitchen areas, cool white (5000K) fixtures were used while warmer tubes (4000K) were used in dining areas. Because the restaurants are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, the lifetime energy savings (60,000 hr or 7 years) is $15,000. Lifetime savings is estimated at up to $18,000 when factoring in maintenance and annual increases in energy cost of 3%.
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There is no doubt that sapphire and SiC will continue to be main substrate materials for the time being, but Si substrates developments has become the emerging LED tube light chip sector trend. In price war stricken China, Si substrates have higher cost and price advantages. Si substrates not only can reduce crystal size in semiconductors, it can also remove etching procedure in GaN epiwafers. In addition, since Si is not as hard as sapphire and SiC, it can cut processing costs.
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As the deadline for submitting abstracts comes closer, LEDs Magazine caught up with conference co-chairs He Wenming and some other led lighting suppliers’ CEOS and Chairmen to learn more about the crafting of the conference program and what trends are expected to provoke discussion and advance the SSL ecosystem.