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T5 led tube lights ballast creation becomes the hot in lighting industry
cob, t5, led, tubes, lights, bulbs, fluorescent, lamps, lighting, ballast, new, cheap, best, technology, reviews: According to statistics, China has become the world’s second largest after the United States in the electricity consumer, with the “shortage” crisis in recent years, energy conservation has become the leading domestic lighting consumption.
Information from the lighting industry also shows that in 2005, energy efficiency has become a trend demands development of the industry. With three male Aurora lighting as the representative of the mainstream lighting enterprises have launched a strong offensive to energy-saving technologies. Among them, the development of T5 energy-saving lamp and ballast technology development has become a focal point firepower.
It is reported that, for ballast, standard Chinese research center has organized developed a “tube-shaped fluorescent lamp ballast energy efficiency of limited value and energy conservation evaluation values,” the national standard (referred to as the national energy efficiency standards). The standard specifies the evaluation of a combination of ballast and lamp fitness efficiency level parameters, namely energy efficiency factor, focusing on energy efficiency provisions of ballast limit values ??and evaluating values ??of energy. This energy-efficient lighting products become the standard technology, “Gate of Life.”
According to experts, T5 series of electronic ballast itself, low power consumption, less heat, energy efficiency factor is higher than the national energy efficiency standards, can truly environmentally friendly and energy-saving effect.
It is understood that, as early as 2003, three male Aurora to meet the needs of different places for energy-efficient lighting products, we launched a full range of energy efficient T5 lighting products. In addition to leading-edge T5 electronic ballasts, also introduced the T5 energy efficient fluorescent tubes, T5 fluorescent tubes bright, fluorescent powder, glass in particular, significantly reduced the consumption of mercury, made a great contribution to environmental protection, while because of energy-saving, environmental protection and been widely used.
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