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tubo led t5

tubo led t5
LED tube lighting in grocery cases can degrade milk, according to researchers in Cornell’s Department of Food Science, with exposure times as short as four hours impacting product quality.
Wanban’s tcob led tube light 23 Watt, 5ft, 3800 Lumen, CCT 4000K, G13 lamp is now VDE rated. Coming on the heels of the second quarter 2015 introduction of four new VDE rated products, the G13 led tube light t5, t8 product further demonstrates ETi Solid State Lighting¡¯s commitment to its VDE partnership. The VDE rated G13 offers exceptional performance for precision lighting applications, while reducing energy and maintenance costs when compared with conventional light sources. Typical applications for the 85CRI G13 led tube light lamp include chandeliers, pendants, bathroom vanity lights, accent lighting, and general decorative lighting for residential, office, retail, restaurant, school, hospital, and hotel/motel interior locations.
Coincidentally, Wanban also announced a new LED tube light with a slim profile that is meant for luminaire developers. But the module is not the technology behind the tcob mcob led tube light fixture. The new technology module breaks new ground for wanban in the module space with the product offered as a bare circuit board, in a new low-profile housing, or in the tradition Fortimo DLM form factor.
longsun stirring manufactory supply mcobtcob and cob 4ft 8 fluorescent light led t8 light led tube cool white aluminum alloy lamp .
Wanban introduced a series of LED T8 tube light lamps replacement tubes yesterday in their bid push the lighting market towards 100 percent adoption of LEDs. The LED T8 tube light series is designed to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes. .